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On July 8, the 21st China Construction Expo was officially launched in Guangzhou, and the number of exhibitors reached a new high. In this Construction Expo, No. C in Zone C of the window of Milan Construction Expo came out, and its super strength exploded in the audience

on July 8, the 21st China Construction Expo was officially launched in Guangzhou, and the flow of exhibitors reached a new high. In this exhibition, the window of Milan in area C, No. C, has lived up to expectations and once again showed us the pride of Chinese system doors and windows. The exhibition hall shocked the whole audience with a strong sense of science and technology by virtue of the impact of green and black, attracting the attention of everyone, and spared no effort to show the style of big brand doors and windows

the three systems of Milano window, milux, Gutmann and Sormani, are dazzling and crowded. Let's feel the hot scene of Milano window exhibition hall on the first day of the exhibition:

as the "setter of national standards for aluminum clad wood doors and windows", Milano window exhibition hall also grafts the living room, bedroom and other real-life situations to experience the environment, so that exhibitors can feel the strong design power, product power, innovation power, and R & D power of Milano window at a close distance. At the same time, it shows the warmth and intimacy of windows of Milan as a home brand all the time. Even in the exhibition, you can feel the warmth like home brought by windows of Milan, return to nature, and feel the high-quality good life brought by system doors and windows

adhering to the concept of "door and window technology leading a healthy life", window of Milan not only shows green, energy-saving, environmental protection and fashion in product design, but also joins the "China EU energy-saving door and window industry development alliance", speaks with action, is in line with international standards, and provides consumers with a more powerful safety guarantee

at this exhibition, Chen Tao, CEO of windows of Milan, announced the new "6+2" profit model in the 5g era, which divides products into medium and high-end and high-end, so that consumers can have more detailed choices. In addition, for dealers, this model provides multi-dimensional landing support such as store management, brand promotion, business management, precision marketing, etc., so that windows of Milan can lead you to a bright future

there are more awards on site, which once set off a climax in the exhibition hall.

on the first day of the exhibition, many media focused on the window of Milan.

this China Guangzhou Construction Expo will last for three days. Please continue to pay attention to the latest developments of the window of Milan. Hall 15.1-16 in Zone C, there are more surprises waiting for you





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