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Balcony sliding door, heavy sliding door, living room sliding door, Yidun zunhao series

recommended scope of application: balcony sliding door, heavy sliding door, living room sliding door is suitable for villas and high-end residences with energy-saving requirements. It is an ideal choice for home and office places. It is practical for balconies, kitchens, toilets, study rooms, conference rooms and offices

zunhao series sliding door is a higher-grade product developed after Dihao series. The door frame tightly wraps the door leaf, which has better anti prying and anti-theft functions. The lower rail has its own waterproof edge. It is a rare high-grade product. It can be used with four frames and three frames (that is, there is no lower frame, slotted with marble and equipped with copper rail). The door frame and door leaf adopt integrated plane design, which is fashionable and beautiful, easy to clean, and can be made into two leaves according to different spaces Three and four sliding doors

aluminum profile: white, mahogany, cherry, oak and other colors can be selected for surface treatment. Zunhao series are two track and three track sliding doors, with the door frame width of 42mm*135mm/205mm respectively, and the wall thickness of the whole door is 2.0 mm. This product is the best new product developed by Yidun company for anti prying, anti-theft and sound insulation, and the profile reaches the national testing standard

Yidun security doors and windows has won the "top ten brands of doors and windows" for five consecutive years. Villa sunshine room customization and high-end sunshine room customization manufacturers are sincerely recruiting aluminum alloy doors and windows to join agents around the world. What are the brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows in Zhuhai and Shantou





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