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Can you understand the fasteners used by foreigners

the unified standard thread (uni322 construction site noise fiedthread) is jointly formulated by the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. It is the commonly used inch common fastener thread. It has the following characteristics:

1 The thread profile angle is 60 °

2 The diameter is generally expressed in fractional inches. For example, 3/8 refers to the diameter of 3/8 inches (1 inch =25.4mm), and the diameter dimension is 3/8x25.4mm=9.525mm

3. Pitch is expressed in number of teeth per inch. Ordinary binocular metallographic microscope can inspect with two eyepieces, for example, 1/, which means 1/2 inch in diameter. If you have any questions, you can contact us: there are 13 threads per inch, the pitch =25.4/13=1.954

and conduct data processing 4 Coarse thread code UNC, fine thread code UNF, super fine thread code UNEF

5. Length is generally expressed in fractions or integers (in inches)

for example, the meaning of socket head cap screw 1/uncx1/2 is as follows:

1 Diameter is 1/4 inch =1/4x25.4mm=6.35mm

2 There are 20 threads per inch of length. Pitch =25.4mm/20=1.27mm

c means common coarse thread

4 Screw length is 1/2 inch =1/2x25.4mm=12.7mm

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