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Whether the shipbuilding industry can take advantage of the implementation of the transformation and upgrading plan is the evaluation of experts in the shipbuilding industry on the implementation plan for accelerating structural adjustment and promoting transformation and upgrading of the shipbuilding industry (2013-2015) (hereinafter referred to as the plan) issued by the State Council

wangjinlian, Secretary General of China Shipbuilding Industry Association, believes that although the implementation time of the plan is from 2013 to 2015, it not only considers the problems of the past three years, but also focuses on the long-term development in the future. It not only makes provisions for resolving the current overcapacity and expanding domestic demand, but also defines the goals for accelerating structural adjustment and promoting transformation and upgrading, which is of great significance for promoting the sustainable and healthy development of China's shipbuilding industry

indeed, the sound and rapid development of the shipbuilding industry is not simply reflected in the quantity or share, but more importantly, the transformation from large to strong. The way to achieve this goal is to accelerate structural adjustment and promote transformation and upgrading

the first upgrading plan of the industry

from the medium and long term development plan of the shipbuilding industry in 2006, to the adjustment and revitalization plan of the shipbuilding industry in 2009, and then to the introduction of the first upgrading plan of the industry, all show that the country pays attention to the shipbuilding industry and is determined to become a powerful shipbuilding and marine country

it is not too much to say that this is a timely rain. Just as the analysis of the situation in the plan, under the influence of the international financial crisis and the sluggish shipping market, the downward pressure on the development of China's shipbuilding industry is increasing. The world's shipbuilding industry has entered a new round of profound adjustment, and the all-round competition around technology, products and market is becoming increasingly fierce

at the same time, China's shipbuilding industry still has structural problems such as weak innovation ability, weak high-end products and lagging supporting industries, especially the intensification of the contradiction of overcapacity. Therefore, the situation in the three years after the 12th Five Year Plan is very serious, and the task of accelerating structural adjustment and promoting transformation and upgrading is very urgent

the plan puts forward the overall objectives for the three years after the 12th Five Year Plan, emphasizing the need to adhere to the four basic principles, namely, strengthening demand guidance and adjusting product structure; Implement innovation drive to improve competitiveness; Control new capacity and optimize capacity structure; We will improve the policy system and achieve the following development goals under the innovative system and mechanism: the industry will achieve stable and healthy development

in the three years after the 12th Five Year Plan, the domestic market has maintained steady growth, the international market share has been consolidated, the production and operation of key enterprises have been stable, and the shipbuilding industry has achieved steady and healthy development

the ability of innovation and development was significantly enhanced. The three main ship types of new bulk carriers, oil tankers and container ships fully meet the requirements of new international norms, conventions and standards, and the loading rate of marine equipment has been further improved. The international market share of the main products of high-tech ships and offshore engineering equipment reached 25% and 20% respectively

the quality of industrial development has been continuously improved. The industrial layout was adjusted and optimized, and three world-class shipbuilding and offshore engineering equipment bases were built around the Bohai Bay, the Yangtze River Estuary and the Pearl River Estuary. Backbone enterprises have established a modern shipbuilding mode. The shipbuilding efficiency has reached 15 man hours/corrected gross ton, the energy consumption per unit of industrial added value has decreased by 20%, and the average primary utilization rate of steel has reached more than 90%

marine development equipment has been significantly improved. The structure of the transport fleet has been optimized, the level of fishery equipment has been significantly improved, the allocation of equipment such as scientific investigation and resource investigation has been strengthened, the equipment for exploration and development of marine oil and gas resources meets domestic demand, and cruise yacht products meet the development needs of the marine tourism industry

marine support capability has been significantly improved. The allocation of administrative law enforcement ships has been greatly improved, and the deployment and use efficiency has been significantly improved to meet the needs of maritime rights protection and law enforcement; Rescue and salvage vessels have been upgraded, and their maritime support capacity and comprehensive maritime emergency rescue capacity have been significantly enhanced

progress has been made in resolving excess capacity. The momentum of blind capacity expansion has been curbed, and the total capacity has not increased; Steady progress has been made in the merger and reorganization of enterprises, and the industrial concentration has been continuously improved; A number of large shipbuilding infrastructures have been integrated and the industrial layout has become more reasonable; A number of small and medium-sized enterprises have been transformed to other industries, and backward production capacity has withdrawn from the market

each of the seven tasks has its own meaning

in order to achieve these goals, it seems that Jinan gold testing machine has achieved structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading in a compact way. The plan defines seven main tasks and answers what to do and how to do? Where to turn and how to turn

wangjinlian believes that it is of great significance to take innovation as the first task of the main task. Because, no matter shipbuilding or marine engineering equipment, the technological development is advancing by leaps and bounds under the new situation. At the same time, deep-sea technology and green technology are also developing rapidly. This requires all colleagues in the industry to rely on scientific and technological innovation, actively guide, rather than passively follow. Only in this way can China's shipbuilding industry embark on the road from big to strong

in addition to accelerating scientific and technological innovation and implementing innovation driven tasks, the plan also aims to improve the manufacturing level of key supporting equipment and materials; Adjust and optimize the productivity layout of the shipbuilding industry; Improve the demand structure and accelerate the development of high-end products; Increase international market share and expand new space for external development; Promote the development of military civilian integration; Detailed deployment has been made to strengthen enterprise management and industry services

in fact, the lag of supporting facilities is a key problem that hinders the development of ships for a long time, and this is also the weakness of the industrial structure

putting the improvement of manufacturing level of key supporting equipment and materials after scientific and technological innovation, it shows that the country takes improving the localization rate of shipbuilding industry and the share of supporting equipment of independent brands as an important aspect of industry structure adjustment and upgrading

in fact, it is believed that all walks of life are now emphasizing the need for structural adjustment, but the "plan" has a heavy weight in the word "speed up", especially the urgency of key technologies and supporting equipment. According to the general understanding of the industry, a breakthrough in the manufacturing of supporting equipment and materials is bound to rapidly enhance the competitiveness of the whole industry

overcapacity is also a major drawback of China's shipbuilding industry. The excess capacity is mainly concentrated in the low-end, while the high-end capacity is still lacking

the Association believes that it is highly intuitive and clear; The experimental data and marked forms can be automatically edited into reports and printed. It is difficult to receive orders for products at the end, and the low-end demand is insufficient, which affects the competitiveness of enterprises in receiving orders. In this sense, promoting industry restructuring, integrating advantageous production capacity and eliminating backward production capacity is an inevitable stage to realize industry upgrading, and in the process, it is bound to cultivate a number of advantageous backbone enterprises

in order to cooperate with the implementation of the task, the plan also issued a set of supporting policies, such as encouraging the early scrapping of old transport ships, and adjusting and continuing the early scrapping and updating policy of old transport ships and single hull oil tankers until December 31, 2015

among these policies, it is particularly noticeable to encourage the development of ship buyer credit business, increase credit financing support and innovate financial support policies

recently, due to the tight financing and high financing cost, the operation of enterprises is very tense, and the introduction of the new policy will effectively alleviate the financing difficulties of backbone enterprises

in addition, in terms of controlling the capacity of the new deal, the plan also clearly requires local governments at all levels and their relevant departments not to approve and record the shipbuilding, ship repair and offshore engineering equipment infrastructure (slipway, dock, Xizhuang wharf) projects with new capacity in any name, and the land, transportation, environmental protection and other departments are not allowed to handle land and shoreline supply, environmental assessment approval and other related businesses, Financial institutions shall not provide any form of new credit support. Local governments are required to clean up the illegal reconstruction projects in the shipbuilding industry and take measures when clicking the system Exit menu to ensure the effect

it is believed that, in general, with the direct demand guidance of the market situation and the adverse pressure of the government to promote the key enterprises in the petrochemical and surface coating industries to implement governance policies, the invisible hand and the visible hand work together, which is bound to accelerate the process of structural adjustment and industrial transformation and upgrading of the shipbuilding industry. However, from the perspective of individual enterprises, having policy support does not mean that they can survive the current difficulties. After all, in the big wave of industry integration, only by strengthening their own physique can they survive the storm

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