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According to Intel

E-TECH news on March 10, recently, Yanxiang group chenzhilie accepted an exclusive interview with e-tech. chenzhilie talked about the impact of the financial crisis on Yanxiang. He borrowed the evaluation of Guangdong provincial Party Secretary Wang Yang on Yanxiang. Wang Yang once said that "Yanxiang is an enterprise that has performed well against the trend in Guangdong Province under the financial crisis." Chenzhilie said that the financial storm has increased the sales and profits of Yanxiang, and it has increased significantly

Chen Zhilie explained the specific reasons, driving the economy's export, investment and consumption Troika. Among them, exports have been greatly affected by the financial crisis, and are mostly concentrated in labor-intensive industries. Almost all the enterprises in this industry are not Yanxiang's customers. Yanxiang provides automatic high-end equipment

in addition, among the 4trillion yuan investment to stimulate domestic demand introduced last year, the government increased and accelerated its investment in urban subways, high-speed railways and expressways. The original plan was to complete the investment in five years, but it was shortened to two years due to the financial storm, thus stimulating the economy. In these industry markets, because of its good first mover advantage, brand and good service, Yanxiang will benefit from the investment plan to stimulate domestic demand

Chen Zhilie also said that all sales revenue of Yanxiang comes from products with independent brands and innovative products with 100% independent intellectual property rights, and it follows the high-end line. Under the financial crisis, the demand for high-end products continues to increase. Yanxiang's main market is still China, so Yanxiang has been positively affected by the economic crisis. Increased sales and profits

Yanxiang intelligence leads the special computer market

chenzhilie explained the concept and market situation of special computers to Yi Technology in detail. He said that special computers are the general term of industrial computers and military computers, which is opposite to civil and office computers. In the global market, the performance of civil and office computers depends on the operation of computer servo system. The sales revenue of computers is greater than that of special computers, but the profit margin of the latter is much higher than that of the former. Yanxiang group is the largest high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, manufacturing, sales and system integration of special computers in China. In october2003, it was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange with the stock code of 8285. It is the only listed company in China's special computer industry

Yanxiang intelligent led the drafting of the national industrial computer standard

chenzhilie also said that at present, the special computer industry is a rare industry in China that started at the same time as the international market, and it has kept pace with the international level up to now. At present, in China's special computer market, among the top 8, only one mainland enterprise is Yanxiang, and the other 7 are foreign and Taiwan brands

chenzhilie said that in 2007, China began to formulate national industrial computer standards. Through bidding, Yanxiang became the leading unit and drafting unit of the standards, which is a rare honor for a private high-tech enterprise

Chen Zhilie also revealed that the formulation of the national industrial computer standard has now been completed and is in the process of review and promulgation. He expects that it will be gradually implemented this year and next. He commented that the introduction of the standard was a milestone event and explained that the standard was first-class in terms of level and technology compared with the industrial computer standards of other countries in the world

successful application of Yanxiang intelligence in the metro industry

Bai Hongbo, general manager of Yanxiang intelligence and business director of the northern region, said when introducing Yanxiang products that Yanxiang's special computers are used in various industries, such as railway, electric power, environmental protection, military, etc., and people are closely related to ATMS, POS machines, etc. There are many applications. Especially in recent years, China's rail transit and high-speed railway have developed rapidly, and Yanxiang's products have won the bid frequently

according to baihongbo, Yanxiang intelligent entered the metro industry very early and won the bid in metro projects in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Wuhan. In 2008, relying on its rich experience in the metro industry, Yanxiang products successfully won the bid for the renovation of Beijing metro lines 10, 4, 13, 5 and 1 and 2. The gates at the entrances and exits of Beijing Metro are fully automatic, The semi-automatic ticket vending machines all use Yanxiang intelligent products

baihongbo also revealed that in order to gain a greater market share in urban rail transit, Yanxiang set up a team from R & D to service and sales for the rail transit industry last year to customize the rail transit products and become its exclusive products, and proposed to provide after-sales service for customers in the metro industry who arrive at the site two hours after failure

Yanxiang intelligence plans to make overseas mergers and acquisitions and returns to the domestic stock market

chenzhilie said to Yi technology that Yanxiang intelligence established an overseas business division in the second half of 2007 and deployed a management team. At present, it has targeted American and German enterprises as acquisition targets. The acquired enterprises are enterprises in special computers and related fields, which complement Yanxiang's overseas sales channels and overseas product lines, It is complementary to the expansion of Yanxiang and the strengthening of the development of the industrial chain

when asked whether there is a plan to acquire domestic enterprises, chenzhilie said that in the domestic special computer field, except for Yanxiang, other enterprises are still relatively small, and there is still a big gap in sales and product lines compared with Yanxiang. At present, it does not seem to have the value of acquisition and merger

chenzhilie also disclosed to Yi technology that the board of directors of Yanxiang intelligent shares has a plan to return to a shares. He said that according to the provisions of the CSRC, there is no legal obstacle for H-share listed companies to return to a shares, and Yanxiang has plans to return to a shares as H shares in the future and become a dual listed company of h+a, but there is no timetable for this plan at present

"Yanxiang inside" wants to make its popularity outside the industry

recently, Yanxiang intelligent put forward a plan called "Yanxiang inside". Chenzhilie said that Yanxiang was confident in putting forward this plan. He also borrowed long Yongtu's evaluation of Yanxiang. Long Yongtu once said to Chen Zhilie, "if you dare to post 'Yanxiang inside', first of all, you are a cow". Second, Dare you say 'I am responsible'

chenzhilie said that the launch of insaid strategy means that Yanxiang is very confident in its own products and core technologies. So far, only two companies in the IT industry have launched insaid strategy worldwide, and the other is Intel (blog), a processor chip giant

Chen Zhilie explained the reasons for launching the plan. He said that Lou Qinjian, Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, once commented on Yanxiang that "9. speed accuracy: within ± 0.5% of the indicated value; it is a well-known enterprise in the industry and unknown outside the industry". However, with the development of the enterprise, Yanxiang's customer base has far exceeded this industry, in almost all industries, whether in China or abroad, Moreover, many industries that are mass consumer goods are using Yanxiang products. Yanxiang and special and defect disposal methods! The detailed status is as follows: the appearance of such errors is regular. The development of the computer industry today has required the popularity outside the industry. In fact, the simplest and easiest way is to paste "Yanxiang insaid" on the outside of these large-scale devices that use our core devices. This is similar to the strategy launched by Intel that year

Chen Zhilie is a member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and a member of the CPPCC Guangdong Provincial Committee. He also submitted several proposals at the "two sessions" in Guangdong Province and Shenzhen

he said that under the circumstances of the financial storm, Guangdong Province is actually facing a task requiring industrial upgrading and structural adjustment. Therefore, his proposal focuses on "the government should vigorously support independent brands and enterprises' independent innovation", and puts forward suggestions to the government. 1. Provide corresponding support in the financial system. 2. To create a social atmosphere that allows and tolerates failure. 3. It is also recommended that the government increase government procurement for local independent innovation brands

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