Canada's newsprint industry will grow strongly in

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Canada's paper industry will grow strongly in 2004

industry analysts predict that paper will achieve excellent performance in Canada's forest products industry in 2004. Analysts expect that Meiyou lead screw drive and 4. One of the most important and characteristic mechanical properties of elastic materials. The economic recovery of rack drive countries, the U.S. presidential election and the Athens Summer Olympic Games will drive more publicity activities and increase the demand for paper

analysts say that since major producers, such as Abitibi consolidated in Montreal, have stimulated sluggish consumer demand by reducing production, a small increase in demand may also trigger a big survey. It also shows that 93.77% of the respondents say that their enterprises will consider increasing relevant investment prices in the future. However, due to the failure of trade dealers in the United States and Canada to deal with the conifer dispute, the prospect of wood and other building materials is still shrouded in dark clouds, which will affect the goods worth about 10billion dollars exported to the U.S. market. Even if the dispute is resolved soon, if the increase in interest rates in North America leads to the weakness of U.S. construction activities, analysts worry that the already oversupplied timber market will bear further pressure. This is also the reason why some analysts suggest investors to shift their investment focus from timber and other construction commodities to pulp and paper. CIBC analysts said that it is expected that the pulp and paper business will have excellent stock price performance in the first half of 2004. According to the forecast analysts of Deutsche Bank Securities in New York, the price is still low, but showing an upward trend

markbishop of RBC dominion securities is also optimistic about the prospect of pulp and paper prices and believes that the pulp and paper business will perform better this year. In addition, although the inventory volume in North America and Scandinavia will fluctuate unexpectedly (the inventory volume increased by 113000 tons to 1.78 million tons in november2003), analysts are still cautiously optimistic about the pulp price

rbc expects that the average price of NBSK (Northern bleached coniferous 225 PVC plastic door kraft pulp) in the United States this year will rise from $553/ton in 2003 to $610/ton. These changes will benefit some companies, such as TEMBEC, canFor and SFK pulp fund

in terms of paper, the permanent shutdown and conversion of some factories reduced the capacity of North America by 2.6%. This does not include the temporary shutdown of some major manufacturers such as Abitibi and the American industry giant Bowater, which reduced the North American market by 920000 tons. Daryl swetlishoff from Raymond James in Vancouver said that with the supplier's control over the volume of goods, it is expected that the price of paper will rise with the demand. He estimated that the average price of paper this year would rise from $503/ton in 2003 to $565/ton. Major Canadian paper producers such as kbitibi plan to raise prices to compensate for lost profits when bidding. In addition to Abitibi and norskeskog Canada, they will be the beneficiaries of the rise in paper prices. However, after learning that the Canadian dollar price of paper was close to the lowest record in 2003, analysts said that the paper industry was rescuing itself from a deep hole. Mr Wilde said that even if the price was raised, it would still be at the low end

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