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Can the two "fifth" awaken the brand awareness of China's manufacturing industry

in the 2016 report of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, China's industrial competitiveness ranked only fifth; Among the 2016 world top 500 brands released by the world brand laboratory, China ranks fifth with 36 seats, of which only 9 are industrial brands

"the two 'fifth' illustrate the same truth, that is, China's manufacturing industry still has a long way to go from big to strong, and there is an urgent need to create new competitive advantages marked by quality brands." Changsha Nansheng, deputy director of the science and Technology Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said at the launching ceremony of the first China industrial brand tour held in Shanghai recently

statistics show that among the more than 500 major industrial products in the world, China has more than 220 kinds of output, ranking first in the world and firmly ranking first in the world. However, China's manufacturing industry is still large but not strong, and the lack of brand is one of the main weaknesses

how to create a manufacturing brand? Quality comes first, which requires the internal cultivation strength of the enterprise, especially to carry forward the "craftsman spirit"

"when consumers buy things, they first care about the use value. In the current Chinese economy, quality is still a weakness. It is necessary to start a quality revolution in the manufacturing industry so that Chinese products can gain a foothold in the world." Economist zhouqiren said

through the application of high technology in the manufacturing industry, enterprises can achieve "quick work and meticulous work". Shen Jie, head of e-commerce business department of Zhonghao Knitting Co., Ltd., said that although the enterprise only makes socks, its global sales in 2016 were nearly US $300million. For every 100 pairs of socks sold in the North American market, 6 pairs are Zhonghao's. One of the keys behind this is the 700 intelligent sock weaving robots introduced by the enterprise, which can replace 2000 workers compared with the previous ones. Not only the quality is stable, but also the production efficiency is improved, that is, the crack transformation and crack growth rate

except B: take 100 in the transverse and longitudinal directions of the sample respectively × 50/50 × Two 100mm samples have proved the strength of internal repair, and external repair is also needed to build a brand. Tell the "brand story" well. Telling the "brand story" is not only a matter for enterprises, but also for people to pay attention to some details when using it. It is also a matter for industries, regions and even countries. The "good Shandong" in Shandong Province and the "famous wine and tea" in Sichuan Province are all telling the "brand story" of the region and industry

shanansheng said that "brand stories" told by enterprises do not specifically refer to advertising, let alone "false publicity", but to impress customers in a way that customers are willing to accept

as the birthplace of China's modern manufacturing industry, Shanghai was once one of the cities with the largest number of manufacturing brands in China, and "made in Shanghai" was once a synonym for high-quality products. In recent years, the brand development of Shanghai has encountered many new challenges, which has caused the government to attach great importance to the local testing machines

on this trip to China's industrial brands, the "Shanghai brand development fund" was established. This is the first domestic fund dominated by brand development, with an initial scale of 2billion yuan. Xuyibo, vice chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, said that Shanghai should create a system suitable for the flow of capital, technology, talents and other factors, and create a good ecological environment for brand development

Sha Nansheng said that the Ministry of industry and information technology will pilot and promote the method of brand cultivation management system around enterprise brand cultivation, and has carried out pilot projects in 75 industrial clusters around regional brand construction

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