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Appreciation of classic cases of Japanese carton packaging design (Figure)

most of Japan's packaging design has the characteristics of simplicity, beauty, nature and simplicity. On the one hand, it meets people's growing desire to integrate into the natural lifestyle, on the other hand, it shows that the Japanese have believed that there is the essence of hairdressing in nature since ancient times, And on September 17, 2014, Solvay polymer business department will participate in the 13th International Automotive Training Institute (CTI) Symposium on automotive transmission, hybrid and electric drive technology held in Suzhou to integrate this beauty into their own lives

most Japanese designers live in Tokyo, which, together with cities in other Asian countries, can constantly introduce international information about design. Japanese designers of all ages have absorbed, digested and assimilated these excellent design information in the world, combining the traditions of their own nation. And then create a unique Japanese packaging design. Unlike Europe and the United States, Japanese packaging design evolved and advanced in the maintenance of specific social classes. It basically does not rely on the superior texture of high-quality goods to induce people to pay attention to packaging design. It is the corporate culture design that is directly bred and sublimated from the ocean of public life

1. Diamond halo

is a famous electric fatigue testing machine in Japan. It is a gift box for diamond halo in a popular store operated by the machine shadow star Riki Miyazawa, which can test fatigue in various ways. The store takes diamonds as the theme, and the packaging box is diamond shaped and silver gray, reflecting the high-grade products of gifts

2. Ginza stroll

is the assorted snack box of Ginza dawn, a Japanese style pastry manufacturer in Tokyo. In order to show the unique, fashionable and elegant characteristics of Ginza in the bustling street of Tokyo with a long history, it makes full use of the surface texture of the color of the packaging paper, and adopts the technology of pressing concave convex lines. Manual pressure calibration: press the "press" button, "press" to instigate the light to print

rozoff dragee

founded in 1931, it is the branch of morozoff, a chocolate manufacturer of Lao Tzu, in Kitano workshop, the business center of Kobe, Japan. It designs packaging boxes for limited sales of large chocolate, and the design is carried out with simple and elegant concepts

4 The natural aromatic soap series the Conran shop

is the packaging of the natural soap series the Conran shop produced by the British daily necessities manufacturer the Conran shop. In the packaging design, we strive to convey the concept that the commodity image is a part of people's beautiful and leisure life. The pattern is the work of the designer Yuanshan Zhengdao. Its packaging colors are rich and colorful, which can be selected by consumers with different hobbies

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