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Brief analysis of the characteristics and working principle of automatic exhaust valve

HVAC system and therefore deepening the reform. During the operation of HVAC system, the gases released by water during heating, such as hydrogen and oxygen, will cause many adverse effects, which will damage the system and reduce the thermal effect. If these gases cannot be discharged in time, they will produce many adverse consequences. For example, the electronic universal testing machine industry has always disagreed with this view: corrosion caused by oxidation; The formation of air bags in the radiator; The hot water circulation is not smooth and unbalanced, which makes some radiators not hot locally; Noise during pipeline operation with gas; Cavitation phenomenon of circulating pump. Therefore, the exhaust gas in the system must be discharged in time. It can be seen that the use of automatic exhaust played an important role in the valve with intermediates and high-performance plastic raw materials accounting for 63% of the sales share in 2010

a, features:

1). Only exhaust, no drainage. Special structure is adopted in the design of steam and water off plate to ensure no drainage during exhaust. 2) Reliable performance. Pk-ep is used as the material of discharge device. Compared with all known synthetic materials, pk-ep has the best performance and the highest reliability. Pk-ep can withstand high temperature, which is much higher than the working temperature of exhaust valve. The O-ring uses the optimized material EPDM to ensure that the O-ring still has good elasticity and operational reliability under high temperature. The internal spring of the exhaust valve spool is made of special materials and imported nickel plated stainless steel to prevent oxidation, which will affect the movement of the spool; The exhaust mechanism of the exhaust valve is very reliable. Each valve passes the exhaust test and pressure seal test before leaving the factory. Individual components are made of high-precision casting, so as to obtain perfect assembly

3). As long as the system has pressure, the exhaust valve will exhaust continuously

b, main purpose:

automatic exhaust valve is used for: independent heating system; Central heating system; Radiant floor heating system; Solar heating system; Heat pump system; central air-conditioning; Heating boiler, etc

c, working principle of automatic exhaust valve

when there is air in the system, the gas accumulates in the upper part of the exhaust valve, and the bubble accumulation in the body makes the floating ball drop with the water level, so open the exhaust piston; After the gas is exhausted, the water level rises, and the floating ball also rises. Close the exhaust piston. If it is easy to identify and tighten the bonnet on the side of the valve body, the exhaust valve stops venting. In general, the bonnet should be open

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