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German e-books are weak, and paper books still dominate the market.

in Germany, there are more than 15000 enterprises engaged in book business. Except for companies with little publishing volume and publishing as a sideline, there are about 2000 formal publishers, more than 6000 bookstores, more than 2000 bookstores, and 78 intermediaries and publishers. The total annual book sales in Germany will also give the extruder industry an endless driving force of about 10billion euros

at the Frankfurt International Book Fair last year, e-books were still one of the highlights of the book fair. Just as a new thing, the electronic publishing market is not as popular as expected. According to the latest statistics released by the German market research company GfK group, in the first half of 2011, the total sales of e-books in Germany was about 13million euros, an increase over the previous year, but only 0.7% of the total sales of books in Germany

Matthias, a professional consultant of Langen Scheit publishing house in Germany, introduced the battery extrusion experimental machine of Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. welcome to discuss. Heinrich said that the e-book market will grow, but it will be very slow. He explained that in Germany, people accept e-books much slower than in the United States and other countries. Although electronic products such as computers and digital books have been launched for many years, many people still like the pleasant feeling of reading newspapers at breakfast and reading a good book at leisure. The dominant position of paper books cannot be shaken in a short time

according to the organizers of the Leipzig Book Fair this year, the book fair is still dominated by paper books, and electronic publishing has not received much attention from German readers

the slow development of e-books in the German book market may be related to the German population structure. If you want to make German readers who have already entered the aging society accept e-books and other digital products faster, I'm afraid there are still some difficulties

according to the survey data of the association of German booksellers and publishers, nearly one-third of Germans read more than 18 books every year, of which more than 14% of German families have their own small libraries, and 25% of people collect more than 200 books; An ordinary German family spends more than 50 euros on books every month, accounting for about 10% of the total expenditure on hobbies. Among the 83million people in Germany, on average, there is a bookstore or bookstall for every 10000 people and a library for every 7200 people

in addition, the price of books in the German book market is stable, and the local physical bookstores are well-developed, providing customers with a good buying environment. Germany implements the book price alliance policy, that is, many users of all new books on the shelves are very concerned about the after-sales service when buying and changing the experimental machine, and the price will be unified. Whether they buy books in large bookstores, small bookstores, or online bookstores, the price will be unified in the first 18 months of the release of new books. In this way, not only can small bookstores be effectively prevented from being squeezed by vicious competition from large bookstores, book prices remain basically stable, and the diversity of literary works is also guaranteed

in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences Publishing, a large number of small and Medium-sized Publishing Enterprises and independent publishing houses are leading the trend. These small and medium-sized publishing houses, as independent publishing institutions, have maintained their original views on literature and their own creativity. They are responsible for pursuing ideals and beliefs and inheriting cultural traditions, and assume the function of maintaining the cultural diversity of German society. They not only sell books as commodities circulating in the market, but also regard them as the carrier and symbol of culture

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