The hottest German elephant dances with made in Ch

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German "elephant" dances with "made in China" to show more highlights

German "elephant" dances with "made in China" to show more highlights

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eichetal, a small city in Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany. It was midsummer, and the green was thick. The vast fields separated the small town from the busy highway. There was also a slowly flowing river running through it. In the distance, the castle was vaguely visible on the top of the mountain

between the idyllic mountains and rivers, there are occasional heavy trucks driving out of a factory in the north of the town, with long bodies carrying common concrete pumps on construction sites. Outside the factory gate, the German flag and the Chinese five-star red flag fluttered in the wind, and the golden German letter Putzmeister was inlaid on the outer wall of the factory, neat, clear and eye-catching

this is the headquarters of Putzmeister, which was acquired by Sany Heavy Industry, a Chinese machinery manufacturer, in 2012. Since then, it has become made in China and Germany. ① wood and plastic constitute a good impregnation; Create a model for cooperation. As a technology leader in the global concrete equipment industry, Putzmeister, with a history of nearly 60 years, takes "elephant" as its corporate logo. Over the past five years, Germany's "elephant" and "made in China" have danced hand in hand, and achieved stability and win-win results through complementary advantages and resource sharing

entering the plant area of Putzmeister headquarters, I saw white standardized workshops distributed everywhere, and parts and semi-finished products were neatly stacked on the open space of the plant area. Heavy trucks carrying iron guys are quietly parked in the corner of the plant, or under the control of workers, they are supporting tens of meters high concrete delivery pipes, such as transformers, which are "stretching their muscles and bones"

according to the introduction, the plant of Putzmeister headquarters mainly carries out painting and general assembly, and produces concrete pumps according to the personalized needs of global customers, adhering to the quality of "made in Germany"

"since Sany acquired Putzmeister, it has had a deep understanding of the quality awareness, forward-looking awareness, and the planning and systematicness of the work of German manufacturing enterprises, from which it has learned a lot of valuable experience." Said Jiang Xiangyang, deputy general manager of Sany Heavy Industry and chief liaison officer of Sany in Putzmeister

he said that the work of the chief liaison officer is mainly responsible for the two-way communication between the Sany board of directors and the Putzmeister management team. On the one hand, it conveys the requirements of the board of directors, on the other hand, it reports the demands of the management team. He said: "although it is controlled by Sany Heavy Industry, the brand and operation of Putzmeister have always remained independent."

in a huge factory, a dozen German workers in suspenders are polishing the parts before painting, and the manual operation is meticulous. When they see Chinese visitors, they greet them naturally, and some say "hello" in Chinese

some workers said that the production of Putzmeister has been step-by-step, with little change. Over the past five years, the domestic mining market has been weak and stable, and the acquisition of Sany has not affected their work, just as they still work at 6 p.m. and close at 3 p.m. every day

however, in the view of Putzmeister's management team, "made in China" has injected fresh blood into German "elephant" and enhanced its market initiative and motivation to strive to develop and improve its performance

Schultz, an executive of Putzmeister's subordinate company, said that Sany's investment has brought reliability, continuity and sustainability, which will create greater success for Putzmeister in the global market

"we are convinced that Sany's investment pursues long-term partnership, as well as sustainable growth and profitability." Schultz said that Putzmeister, as a leading enterprise in the industry, can better invest its products in the Chinese market with the help of the Sany platform, and will play a better role, especially in the context of China's industrial transformation and upgrading and increasing emphasis on environmental protection

at the same time, Putzmeister's globalization experience and ability also provide support for the international development of Sany Heavy Industry. "Through Putzmeister, a platform based in Europe, we hope to combine the cutting-edge technology in Europe with the development vision of Sany." Jiang Xiangyang said

he especially pointed out that as a veteran German industrial enterprise, Putzmeister is good at in-depth analysis and full preparation of future projects, which can be described as "slow work leads to fine work". He said, "we are trying to combine this with the rapid execution of Sany Heavy Industry in order to achieve rapid and steady development."

in recent years, Chinese enterprises' investment and mergers and acquisitions in Germany have increased rapidly, becoming a fast track for Sino German manufacturing cooperation, which is not only conducive to the global diversified development of Chinese enterprises, but also provides German enterprises with much-needed financial support and market channels, realizing complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results

nowadays, Putzmeister machinery, which is manufactured from escital, has closely combined "made in Germany" with "made in China", and will open up greater development opportunities in the global market in the future. It can be predicted that German "elephant" and "made in China" will show more wonderful dances

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