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According to Reuters on October 6, a young fashion designer in Hanover, Germany, used milk, a common item in the refrigerator, to design clothes, setting off a revolution in the high-end fashion world, which is the main reason why various experimental machines have appeared one after another

28-year-old Anke dumask developed a fabric called qmilch, which doesn't know how to repair when it breaks down, using the casein high essence of milk protein. This is the first man-made fiber completely free of chemical ingredients

"this fabric feels like silk and has no smell – - you can wash it like anything else," dumask said

qmilch is derived from natural materials, which is not only ecological, but also beneficial to health. Dursk said that the amino acids in protein have antibacterial and anti-aging effects, and can help regulate human blood circulation and body temperature

dursk's clothing brand Mademoiselle Chi Chi has begun to implant this milk fiber into its series design. Miss Kiki was deeply influenced by Misha Barton and didn't think about how to use it; 2. Undertake the high-end R & D OEM of enterprises, which is loved by Ashley Simpson and other stars

milk fiber has existed since the 1930s, but it is usually produced by using a large number of chemicals in a non ecological way. Unlike previous blueprints, qmilch is almost entirely made of casein

casein is extracted from milk powder and heated in a machine similar to a meat grinder together with other natural ingredients, for example. Fibers are produced in strands and spun on the spinning frame

duelsk said that it takes 6 liters of milk to make a complete dress, which costs euros

fortunately, there is no "end of use date" for clothes at such a price. During the heating process, the molecules will combine in a way to avoid protein decay

due to its antibacterial properties, milk fiber can also be used in drugs and cosmetics, and even some automobile companies are exploring its application in automobile decoration materials

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