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Analysis of the current situation of domestic wheel loaders

products below 3 tons are mainly represented by ZL10, ZL15 and zl16. There are also some small loaders modified by tractor chassis, which are mainly used in conjunction with an increasing number of agricultural transport vehicles. The main parts and components are engines, drive axles, gearboxes and hydraulic parts with general performance and quality. Hydrostatic transmission products with advanced technology are difficult to match in China, and the product cost remains high, which restricts the development of this kind of products in China

zl30 loader

zl30 loader is mainly produced by Chenggong, Changlin, XCMG, Yichong, Shangong, etc. The configuration of parts and components of this product is relatively messy. The manufacturer has self-made bridge boxes, with distinctive styles, relatively stable quality and performance, and general technical progressiveness. The ZL30F loader recently developed by XCMG adopts an electric shift gearbox, making a new breakthrough in the technology of the 3-ton loader

zl40/ZL50 loaders

zl40/ZL50 loaders. For example, the charging time of lithium battery can be shortened from 2 hours to 10 minutes. All loader manufacturers have this product. The first generation of products has continued for decades, and almost the same set of drawings are used throughout the country. Some factories with weak technical strength let the testing machine stretch the standard tensile samples at the speed specified in gb/t228 (2) 002 standard, and they still take it as a leading product to the market. The second and third generation products mainly optimize the working device and change the appearance. Such as Liugong ZL40B/ZL50C, XCMG zl40e/ZL50E. Fourth, on the basis of the third generation, the beautiful, convenient and fast generation products further optimize the performance and configuration of the whole machine. New technologies such as electric cabinet and wet brake have been applied, and the proprietary technology and patented technology of various enterprises have been formed, so that the products can be introduced to the market with a new face

zl60 and more than 6 tons loaders

6 tons and more loaders, which is the largest production in the domestic potential market, and its error is generally shown as negative products. Before 1998, most manufacturers developed ZL60 loaders, but due to the restriction of transmission parts, ZL60 loaders failed to be successfully introduced to the market. At the 99 Beijing International Construction Machinery Expo, various manufacturers launched a new generation of ZL60 loaders. Most manufacturers choose the boxes or bridges jointly produced by Liuzhou ZF. The hydraulic components also have new configurations. The engine can choose Steyr or Shangchai 6121 (cat3306). The reliability of the whole machine has been greatly improved, bringing development opportunities to domestic large tonnage loaders

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