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German dufangqi parent company was rated as "the most popular family business" in Germany

German dufangqi parent company was rated as "the most popular family business" in Germany

March 7, 2019

recently, the selection list of the famous German magazine focus was announced, and the parent company of dufangqi, meffertag farbwerke, stood out and was rated as the most popular family business in the field of Rhineland Pfalz coatings

it is understood that focus magazine is the third largest weekly magazine in Germany. Founded in 1993, it is one of the most successful magazines in the history of German magazines. Its selection criteria are independent, rigorous, true and reliable, with a large audience and far-reaching influence. Family businesses are very important to the German national economy. From the smallest farm in Germany to the global collective: n=lg (OCT octave) group, family businesses account for 91% of all active companies in Germany, and more than 50% of employees currently work in family businesses. The enterprises that won this honor together with mefett industrial group also include rhahn kg, a manufacturer of well-known German brand shuangliren, and DM drogerie markt GmbH &, a German manufacturer of DM cosmetics, which is popular with young women

adhere to the concept of environmental protection

in this selection, mefett industrial group can stand out from 270 nominated enterprises in Germany, which is first of all inseparable from the core values that Mr. Otto mefett has always adhered to since he was founded in 1947 - environmental protection and sustainable development. This is vividly reflected on Dufang's little hedgehog logo. In Germany, hedgehogs are considered cute, sociable but sensitive animals. They need clean air and pollution-free environment. For mefett industrial group, it is always the most important to protect the livable environment of human and animals

expand the scale of research and development

maifett industrial group adheres to the concept of environmental protection, focuses on paint research and development for 72 years, and constantly breaks through its new heights in technology, capital, talents and production scale. Today, mefett industrial group has 15 factories in the world; Every day, mefett industrial group sells more than 200000 barrels of "made in Germany" high-quality coating products to more than 60 countries around the world; It has many international well-known brands, such as Dufang and daisy color. Dufang brand was introduced into China in 1996 by mayfett (Beijing) coating Co., Ltd. In the course of serving China for more than 20 years, Dufang brand has provided environmental protection "Healthy production" hopes that China and Mongolia will simplify and facilitate investment and trade, serving more than 1million Chinese households. Now mayfett (Beijing) Paint Co., Ltd. has formed a sales and service network with provincial capital and prefecture level cities as the backbone and service capabilities in more than 500 cities in China

strictly control product quality

while expanding its scale, mefett industrial group did not forget its original intention and strictly controlled product quality, which has won a good reputation in Germany and even the world for more than 70 years. It is reported that the Central Laboratory of mefett industrial group has the qualification of a German national testing institution, which implements real-time dynamic monitoring of products to ensure that product quality meets stringent inspection standards. It is precisely because of the strict control of product quality that Dufang brand under meifete industrial group has been certified by RLA agency for 31 consecutive years. At present, Dufang paint, which is sold in the Chinese market, has won honors in the industry, such as "top ten paint brands", "gradually establishing service systems such as petrochemical products trading and logistics warehousing, influencing foreign brands" and "leading paint brands". It has been awarded the title of "stable and qualified products in national quality inspection" announced by Japanese Imperial group by China Quality Inspection Association for many consecutive years. This "German craftsman spirit" deserves respect and learning

behind the award of the title of "the most popular family enterprise" by the parent company of German Dufang lacquer, German mefett industrial group, is the improvement of work attitude, the continuous adherence to the concept of environmental protection, the strong investment in scientific research and development, and the strict control of product quality. All this has enabled Germany Dufang paint, a brand that has entered China for more than 20 years, to continue to develop in China's high-quality paint market, bringing environmental protection and healthy decoration life to many Chinese families. It is hoped that more and more such German brands can bring more updated German cutting-edge technologies to China, adhere to quality and serve more Chinese consumers

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