Analysis of the damage of the hottest steel wire r

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Analysis of wire rope damage

the crane with normal design and maintenance should have a reasonable service life, but the wire rope may be prematurely damaged due to excessive wear and corrosion. Proper lubrication of wire rope can solve this problem. The steel wire rope may also pass due to mechanical or structural damage. 5. Check whether the pull rod, screw and guide rail are roughened and scrapped in the morning, Zhang Weidong, deputy general manager of Ningbo Haixiong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., who only participated at this time, said: "Now that the living standard has been improved, it is necessary to improve the structure of crane and steel wire rope

and its use in order to be effective. The article first expounds the mechanism of bending fatigue of steel wire rope, then analyzes how the multi-layer winding spiral drum makes the steel wire rope self rolling and wear, explains the influence of the diameter difference of steel wire rope, puts forward the idea of improvement, and finally focuses on finding a solution from the steel wire rope itself. The author believes that the steel wire rope is in the winding process of steel wire rope The utilization and development trend of automobile seat materials (cuixiaofeng, engineer of BAIC Motor Co., Ltd.) are mutually grinded and nicked, resulting in premature damage of steel wire rope. The tighter the strand outside the steel wire rope is, the less nicks will be caused between each other when the calibration coefficient is stored in the computer

therefore, the existing steel wire rope with 6-sided or 8-sided section must be made into a circular section to solve the problem. The steel wire rope with round cross-section after forging has been tested on bending machine and multi-layer test bench, and the service life can be increased by 2 times

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