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German family enterprises have no successors, and the pace of acquisition of Chinese enterprises has accelerated

German family enterprises have no successors, and the pace of acquisition of Chinese enterprises has accelerated

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"solar energy enterprises, auto parts suppliers, complete machine manufacturers... Foreign enterprises have purchased German enterprises on a large scale." German "economic weekly" said on the 16th that more and more German family businesses have been acquired, of which Chinese companies have the fastest pace of acquisition

the Research Institute of small and medium-sized enterprises at the University of Mannheim in Germany predicts that the proportion of family businesses in Germany has fallen from 70% in the 1990s to 75%, and SPI industry analysts point out that% has fallen to about 50% at present. Most of these small and medium-sized family enterprises belong to the high-tech field, which are famous for science and technology and product research and development, and are the main driving force of German exports

von schliep, a professor of family business management at Witten University in Germany, believes that in many cases, children are unwilling to take over their father's business. They have seen the price paid by their parents for the business. "Children want a different life."

according to German finance and economics, some descendants of family businesses prefer to start a new business. For example, a young man named Tuo, who nearly 500000 babies are born prematurely every year, started his own network company instead of inheriting his father's machinery manufacturing enterprise

Agence France Presse said that many German family businesses were sometimes taken over by non family HRB400 6 (2) 5 managers in the absence of family successors; Sometimes I choose to transfer the company. For the latter, Chinese investors are usually a more popular choice

according to the research report recently released by the consulting company, in 2013, these two advantages from mainland China and Hong Kong are very important for this utilization. The company acquired 25 German companies in total, more frequently than in previous years

Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, acquired Putzmeister company

two years ago, China Sany Heavy Industry bought the world mechanical engineering giant German Putzmeister company for about 500million euros. The founding family of the company could not find a suitable family successor

according to South Deutschland, another reason why many German enterprises are willing to "sell" to Chinese companies is that they attach importance to the Chinese market. At present, the family of Felix Piano Group, which is in trouble, hopes that the Chinese people will save it. Otto, the Sino German business manager of PWC, said that the willingness to pay higher prices is also one of the reasons why Chinese investors are attractive

German forklift truck manufacturing company Kion, semiconductor manufacturing company Prema, German auto parts production company kiekert and concrete pump manufacturing company SCHWING have all been acquired by Chinese enterprises. Frankfurter Zeitung reported that after the acquisition of German small family business Emag by a Chinese company, it not only got out of financial difficulties, but also expanded the Asian market. The Chinese partners also benefit from the technical knowledge controlled by German enterprises to promote their own industrial R & D level

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