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Degong held the 2017 s science and Business Council meeting

on March 10, the 2017 s science and Business Council meeting of Degong was grandly held in the company's conference room. The meeting focused on the current economic situation and conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges on how to strengthen the future cooperation and development direction between the two sides

materials must be free of cytotoxicity, mutagenicity and carcinogenicity

at the 2017 science and Business Council meeting held by Degong, Li Rongjun, head of the company's domestic loader sales department, reported on the marketing work in 2017, and the report introduced in detail the company's marketing policy, development direction, new products and other work in 2017. Later, Du Yuntai, deputy general manager of the company, also interpreted the work ideas of 2017, and expanded the development ideas and pointed out the business direction for the delegates by explaining the current industry status, the company's business situation in 2016, the company's development plan in 2017 and other work. ldquo; Vigorously develop the remanufacturing industry and install micro motors. At the meeting, the technical department personnel of the company introduced the product improvement work of the company, so that the participants had an in-depth understanding of the company's product upgrading and technological innovation work, and strengthened the confidence of agents

at the meeting, each director representative also made a speech on their respective business situation, and the speech focused on the business situation of each agency company in 2016, the regional marketing situation, the business situation of similar products, as well as the 17 year operation plan of the company with 20 single units reaching the kiloton/year, and the activities to be carried out in the near future. The participants also discussed future marketing policies, product improvements, similar advantages and other issues. The participants put forward their own rationalization suggestions one after another, and the meeting rewarded and evaluated the representatives' suggestions

this meeting has enhanced the communication between the company and agents, and provided a good development environment for the company to expand the market in the future

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