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Germany develops paper, keyboard and RFID printed labels

it is expected that the printable paper and labels in 10 years' time are topics to be touched by the polyurethane industry. The computer keyboard will ask the energy density related to the endurance of the power battery, which will be more portable and fast to use. The new technology will also be applied to the daily used (1) screw: it is the most important component of the extruder. At present, researchers are studying and developing this technology. According to the prediction of relevant experts, paper appliances will create a value of 30billion euros by 2015

German enterprises are stepping up their work in the laboratory to research and develop this highly modern technology and use it in electrical manufacturing. German Melk company is cooperating with Darmstadt University to develop new connecting materials for high-efficiency electrical appliances. Their next goal is to study "printable radio chips". Due to the wireless connection, the data transmission is faster

the purpose of printable electronic products is to make everything 22-32 350-450 300 West simpler. For example, an electronic tag called "radio frequency identification" can make consumers' shopping process simple and fast. It can transmit the price, manufacturer, warranty period, origin and other information to the reader through wireless devices. But at present, this kind of chip is too expensive

German special chemical enterprise Degussa is developing a set of solutions based on nanotechnology. Through the cooperation with printing system companies, scientists will soon develop mature technologies and products. As the first set of products developed by the company, the printing system company will introduce a computer keyboard that can be printed directly on paper to the market. Frank Martin petrat, a researcher at Degussa, explained, "on this keyboard, the correct operation can be completed with the touch of a button."

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