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Germany has developed a moldable plastic wood material

Germany has developed a plastic wood material that can be molded like plastic, which can be used to mold wood products such as floors, doors and windows, furniture, and can also be used to manufacture TV sets, computer shells, car doors and fenders. The existing ordinary wood is mainly composed of cellulose and lignin. Cellulose makes it have a certain strength, and the combination of lignin and cellulose makes the wood tough since we pay attention to the needs of customers. According to this principle, a German research team mixed the natural cellulose with the lignin discarded by the paper mill as waste to form granules, and then placed it in the mold cavity of the ordinary injection molding machine. Under the conditions of high temperature and high pressure, this plastic wood material composed of cellulose and lignin was closely combined and processed into the required 4) beam movement limitation: ≥ 300mm; Shape, forming a new type of molded wood products. This moldable plastic wood material has a wide range of uses, especially for wood manufacturing, modification and testing, which has become an indispensable product for flight experiments. In the past, due to the expansion degree of plastic and metal is greater than that of wood, it is easy to crack wooden parts; Now with plastic wood components, cracking can be avoided

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