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Analysis of the current situation of the low profit era and the printing industry (III)

III. The coping strategy of printing enterprises in the low profit era

as the vice president of the printing association of Pudong New Area, Shanghai, I am familiar with the current situation of printing enterprises in Pudong. Pudong New Area has gathered many excellent printing enterprises in Shanghai. The sales volume of Shanghai's printing industry is one of the four in the world, and many of them have gone out of their own characteristics. The introduction of several enterprises here may enlighten the coping strategies of printing enterprises in the era of low profits

1. Differentiation

Asia Paper Company of the United States produces milk roof boxes, and Shanghai Minhua printing factory produces transparent window envelopes for mailing Telecom bills, following a differentiation strategy. They chose a target market in the market segmentation, avoided the mainstream packaging market, and achieved good benefits

2. Leading technology

enterprises such as Pudong New Area printing plant have begun to produce ncm811, ncm622, NCA and other 3-yuan material passbooks through technology research, printing bank dangsheng technology, beiteri, Ningbo rongbai and so on. Jielong printing plant undertakes to print the album of calligraphy and painting national treasure exhibition of Shanghai Museum, and Shanghai People's printing brush No. 8 plant has successfully developed the "WP water-based environmental protection process", which has won the high-tech product certificate of six ministries and commissions, including the State Administration of technology and quality supervision and the National Economic Commission, These are successful examples of leading technology. However, for printing enterprises, technology leadership is often limited to a certain product, which is difficult to rise to the winning strategy of the whole enterprise

3. Business support

this is divided into two categories: first, it is linked by administrative relations, such as Shanghai tobacco industry printing factory and Shanghai banknote printing factory. ABS is a non crystalline material breaking business relationship; second, it is linked by assets. For example, Shanghai Rencai printing company has stably obtained the printing business of Maotai liquor packaging through a joint venture with Maotai Liquor Co., Ltd. However, the above two types of businesses rely on strategies, which can only be met but not sought, and are not universal

4. Entering the international market and taking the road of foreign trade

many printing enterprises in Shenzhen are invested by Hong Kong and take a large number of foreign trade orders with the help of the status of Hong Kong International Trade Center. As the economic center of China, printing enterprises in Shanghai have rarely undertaken foreign trade orders. Under the condition of full market competition, entering the international market is one of the ways to solve the contradiction between supply and demand. Shanghai People's printing No. 8 factory began to undertake foreign trade orders in 2001. After continuous running in with foreign investors, including the establishment of quality management system certification, social system certification and other measures, it has actively worked in the direction required by foreign investors. In 2004, the sales volume reached 60million yuan, bridging the gap of domestic trade to a certain extent

Shanghai printing industry association can take the lead and coordinate to make a difference in Shanghai printing enterprises' going to the international market and form a joint force. The load force value displayed by these products' LCD not only drives the plastic demand to increase significantly

5. Design drives business

in this regard, Shanghai Chunhua Design Color Printing Co., Ltd. can be regarded as an example. The company was founded by Zhang peichun, a famous Chinese designer living in the United States, and his brother Zhang Peihua. It takes design as the leader to drive the printing business, so that the company has unique competitiveness. Once upon a time, Shanghai concave convex color printing factory and Shanghai People's printing No. 8 factory had strong design teams, and most of the businesses they undertook, such as Chinese cigarettes, Maotai liquor, Huangtai liquor, were driven by design. This fine and effective tradition has been basically destroyed under the double attack of the rise of a large number of professional advertising design companies and the designers of this enterprise being subject to the management system. It is worth exploring that the printing factory forms a strategic alliance with professional design companies and walks out of a characteristic road of printing driven by design

6. Self created products, such as non branded greeting cards, photo albums, and branded "Yaoji" playing cards, should be said that these are the best ways for printing enterprises to deal with the era of low profits. I often think that the portable paper bag Market in European and American countries is huge, and the domestic market will eventually form a professional market for portable paper bags. Can printing enterprises plan ahead in this regard

7. The total cost is leading

most printing enterprises are homogeneous, focusing on books and packaging. Like the subordinate enterprises of Shanghai packaging group and Shanghai printing group, the homogenization phenomenon is very serious. For enterprises with homogeneous competition, the necessary equipment scale and cost control are the only feasible options. This is a painful Road, a painful road with no choice. Its biggest challenge to printing enterprises is how to win with management innovation

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