Common sense of using cultural stone

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"Cultural stone" is the visual focus in the decoration industry in recent years

1. Cultural stone is not suitable for large-scale use indoors. Generally speaking, its wall area should not exceed 1/3 of the wall of its space. And the cultural stone wall surface should not appear many times in the room

2. Cultural stones are installed outdoors. Try not to choose sandstone stones, because such stones are prone to water seepage. Even if the surface is waterproof, it is easy to be exposed to the sun and rain, causing the waterproof layer to age

3. For indoor installation of cultural stone, the similar near color or complementary color can be selected, but the color emphasized by the contrast of cold and warm should not be used. In fact, cultural stones, like other decorative materials, should be applied according to needs. Never use them in pursuit of the trend, nor abandon them against the trend




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