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For small family houses, the area of the bathroom can be said to be small, medium and small, generally speaking, it is only about 4 square meters. Although there are a wide range of sanitary ware products in the building materials City, it is really not easy to choose products suitable for small family bathroom. Moreover, the owners of small family are often young people who have just worked. They need small family sanitary ware that saves money and land, which is better and a little better

4 square meter cabin space magic small apartment bathroom practical decoration experience talk

1 Mirror cabinet and bottom cabinet

bathroom furniture is not large in size, but it can skillfully hide the trivial things commonly used in the bathroom, such as facial cleanser, toothbrush cup, razor, etc. behind the mirror. At the same time, it can also neatly store other washing and cleaning products with a longer service cycle in the small cabinet under the basin. Coupled with the overall mirror design, it can stretch out a multiple sense of space

2. Cheap and good domestic tiles

the wall and floor decoration of the small bathroom need not be too particular. The imported high-end tiles cost a lot and are not easy to produce a strong aesthetic effect in a small space. It is better to use domestic tiles of dozens of yuan per square meter. For example, the colorful tiles with rich and noble glaze adopt the internationally popular 20× The size is 20 cm, and the surface is uneven. Against the light, there is a layered gloss, which makes the space large and bright

at present, there is also a kind of waterproof coating specially used in toilets, which costs about 40 yuan/square meter, and it is also a cheap and good choice. In terms of 4 square meters of toilets, the cost of walls and floors will not exceed 1500 yuan

3. Split toilets with small area

the more common toilets in the market are divided into integral and split toilets. Because the water tank and toilet are formed at one time, the scrap rate of the integral toilet is relatively high, the price is more expensive than the split toilet with the same style, and the floor area is also larger. Therefore, choosing a split toilet in a small space saves both land and money. The "slimming" split toilet, which is not longer than 70 cm, has become an ideal choice for small family toilets

4. Wash basin reject column basin

try not to install column basin in the small bathroom, because the column space below can hardly be used, unless wrapped in a specially customized bathroom cabinet, the two costs add up, it is better to buy a narrow platform basin, and save money to buy a super large volume platform cabinet. Add some small cabinets or brackets for storing scattered items, plus hardware such as soap dishes and towel rods, and the bathroom decoration that saves money and space will be completed

5. A bathtub with a length of less than 1.5 meters is often deeper than an ordinary bathtub, about 70 cm. This kind of bathtub is easier to stand than ordinary bathtubs, which will not affect the comfort of use at all. Small bathtubs should be selected for smaller bathrooms





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