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The harmony style is also the Japanese style. The harmony decoration has always given people a fresh, simple, warm and comfortable feeling, especially in many families, the terrace or tatami with the harmony style is an essential design in comfortable home life. Today, the harmony style decoration introduced to you, as always, is gentle, the color like milk tea and the delicate design of some details, which makes the whole harmony style fully integrated into home life. Drink a cup of tea and enjoy the warmest afternoon sunshine. What kind of harmony feelings will the 90 square meter small third room interpret after transformation

house decoration:

[decoration area]: 90 square meters

[decoration style]: Japanese and pastoral

[decoration house type]: three bedrooms and two halls

owner's self statement:

decided to buy a second-hand house at the peak of the end of last year. The decoration began to be prepared at the end of the year, started in March after the Spring Festival, and ended in May. My wife (also the chief designer of my home decoration) also got a lot of inspiration online in the design process, and has been preparing to take effect pictures and send them to communicate with you after the decoration, but the reason for work has been delayed until now

transformation description: at the first sight of the house, I felt that there were doors all around the living room, so my first idea was to reduce these doors, so I removed the doors of the storage room, changed the doors of the living room to open from the kitchen, and then made the kitchen open, which suddenly reduced three doors. Another change is the location of the study door. The original location of the study door did not have a large enough complete TV wall. After the study door moved to the East, a complete TV wall was empty. There is an arched shape in the living room and dining room, which is to make a simple functional division. Because as a small three room with 90 square meters, the area of the hall is not large, so there was no special restaurant. After the simple functional division, I feel that a restaurant space has been added, which can make more effective use of the area

the lighting of the living room is very good

the view of the living room as soon as you enter the door

continue to send the living room, some small details, the bar at the entrance




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