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It is said that every time it rains, the sky is missing the earth. If you happen to catch up with your wall tiling on the day of missing, how about choosing wallpaper? Or choose the wall cloth?! Today, let Xiaobian solve this puzzle for you

first look at the wallpaper

first, wallpaper is pasted to the wall with the viscosity of glue. If the water vapor is too heavy, it is easy to dilute the glue, and the wallpaper is easier to fall off, and the service life will be shortened

second, the humidity of the wall will increase in rainy days, which will cause the same result as the first item, and the wallpaper is easy to arch, curl and bubble after a long time

look at the wall cloth again

compared with the weather, the wall cloth has requirements for the moisture content of the pasted position, for example, the moisture content of the wood base is not more than 12%, and the moisture content of the wall base is not more than 8%. Of course, it can be satisfied for 99% of the customers' houses to be decorated, because the walls beyond this moisture content range are relatively wet, and any wall decoration material is not suitable for paving

the wallpaper is easy to breed mold in the environment with high air humidity, which not only destroys the decorative effect, but also destroys the wallpaper and cannot be repaired; The moisture-proof permeability of the wall cloth is obviously several times higher than that of the wallpaper. After being polluted by water stains, oil stains and pigments, wipe it with a wet cloth first, and then wipe it with a dry cloth to restore it as before. Wiping the same part for many times will not scratch or damage, and will not leave obvious traces

to sum up, it is more suitable to lay wall cloth in rainy days. Of course, if you are not in a hurry, it is recommended to lay wallpaper or wallpaper when the weather is sunny





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