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"Beautiful and rich" seamless wallcovering will be dressed up to attend the 2014 Shanghai wallpaper exhibition. Booth number: w1-e21. Welcome all merchants to join us

"beautiful and rich" seamless wall fabric products are mainly divided into three types: glue free, cold glue and non-woven fabric bottom. "Beautiful and fertile" seamless wall cloth, an indoor air purification expert, is waterproof, antifouling, mildew proof and flame retardant. It perfectly integrates modern technology and traditional manufacturing technology, creating a green, environmental friendly and low-carbon era of wall decoration materials. "Beautiful and rich" seamless wall cloth creates a colorful space for you! Shaoxing aipai Textile Co., Ltd. is willing to work with customers hand in hand to win the future

"beautiful and rich" seamless wall cloth Shanghai Convention and exhibition, booth No.: w1-e21, welcome all merchants to come





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