Warm congratulations on the grand opening of pinai

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On the morning of April 28, 2018, the sun was shining, fireworks soared to the sky, firecrackers roared, and gongs and drums burst. Li Zhiqiang, marketing director of Guangdong Baishan home furnishing Co., Ltd., personally visited the site of pinai's customized Shishan flagship store, and attended the opening ceremony with president Luo and the ladies of lion's head flagship store to witness this exciting moment

the opening ceremony was spectacular. Li Zhiqiang, the marketing director of Guangdong Baishan home furnishing Co., Ltd., and Mr. Luo of lion's head flagship store cut the ribbon together to celebrate this beautiful moment. The whole process is permeated with a festive atmosphere. I wish pinai's customized Shishan flagship store a prosperous business and a wide range of financial resources

this day is not only a good day for Shishan flagship store, but also a good day for Shishan people. In the future, Shishan people can more conveniently enjoy pinai whole house customized professional and fashionable brands and services

on the day of opening, it was highly praised by the majority of consumers and owners. The popularity of the scene was bursting, and the signing of orders continued. Many consumers said that they liked pinai's overall style and humanized function design very much. When they knew that there were multiple gifts during the event, it was even more exciting and joyful, with a continuous climax of signing orders

Guangdong Baishan home furnishing Co., Ltd. was established in Foshan, Guangdong, the capital of building materials, in 2008. It is a professional enterprise in the production and sales of cabinets and wardrobes. After years of quality pursuit, excellence, and with the service concept of "high quality and high price, honesty first", it has been unanimously recognized and praised by partners, and has established a good cooperation mode with many decoration enterprises, building materials supermarkets, foreign trade enterprises, and has become a well-known brand in the field of "engineering supporting" and "foreign trade export" of the overall cabinet in the domestic and foreign markets. In addition, Guangdong Baishan home furnishing Co., Ltd. also hired the famous movie star Wang Yan as the brand image spokesperson of pinai whole house customization

the opening ceremony of pinai whole house customization Luoyang flagship store came to a perfect end in a festive atmosphere. We will always follow the service spirit of "customer interests first, service system wins", and provide high-quality products and perfect services to the majority of owners. We believe that under the leadership of the company and with the joint efforts of everyone, pinai whole house customization Shishan flagship store will be able to create new achievements and write new brilliance




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