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Yesterday, Lin Linxin happily told friends that the floor of the new house was paved, "this Spring Festival can be celebrated in the new house."

the new house was delivered late, and the owner was anxious to live.

two years ago, Lin Lin bought a future house. In September this year, the new house was completed on a turnkey basis. Lin Lin has long planned to send her parents from other places to Anshan for the new year. In a hurry, the decoration of the new house is finally over. "I have basically finished ordering household appliances and furniture. It seems that I can live in a new house in the new year."

like Lin Lin Lin, Li Bo also bought a future house for marriage. However, the delivery date was delayed from the beginning of the year to may, and the decoration took more than two months. After a month, Li Bo's wedding date came

worried about pollution after decoration, Li Bo bought activated carbon and photocatalyst spray from the Internet according to the instructions of his friends, and put several pots of green plants in the house, "it is said that activated carbon can absorb formaldehyde, green plants can also absorb harmful substances, and that photocatalyst can also remove benzene. I should do more than that."

I felt there was no smell in the house, and the couple moved into their new house as scheduled. Recently, the couple considered having children. Just in case, they asked Anshan quality supervision and Inspection Institute to do an air test. The results showed that formaldehyde was qualified, but the contents of benzene, toluene and xylene exceeded the standard

in winter, indoor decoration pollution intensifies

the reporter learned from Anshan Institute of quality supervision and inspection that in the past two years, more citizens have asked for indoor air testing than before. So far this year, more than 500 households have applied for indoor air testing, of which the unqualified rate is more than 50%. Formaldehyde and benzene exceed the standard

Zhang Chen, director of the building materials inspection center of the Quality Supervision Institute, said that poor quality decoration materials are the culprit of indoor air pollution. Moreover, formaldehyde and benzene are inevitable in any decoration materials, but the content is relatively small and will soon disperse

and the absence of smell in the room does not mean that the air does not exceed the standard. Formaldehyde may have some smell or make people feel hot eyes and voice, but benzene, toluene, xylene and other benzoates are tasteless, but they are very harmful to human body and are strong carcinogens

activated carbon cannot eradicate decoration pollution

Zhang Chen said that there is no quick and complete treatment method for decoration pollution treatment at present. These tricks used by Li Bo are also a temporary solution rather than a permanent solution. "Activated carbon has a certain absorption effect, but it can't calculate how much it can absorb, so it only plays an auxiliary role, but it can't be eradicated.

he believes that the best way is still vacant ventilation. Even if the best decoration materials are used, it still needs to be placed for a period of time before living. Before entering, it's best to invite the formal testing department to conduct an indoor air test to ensure that the air quality is qualified before moving in




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