Skillfully avoiding taboos in decoration design

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In recent months, there have been many auspicious days, and because of the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, many young people are preparing for marriage, so the new house has naturally become a hot topic of discussion. Home is the main bearing and witness of a marriage. The comfortable and reasonable design of the new house, the guaranteed quality of life, and happiness are natural. There is no strict standard for the decoration design of the house. It has the characteristics of personalization and Emotionalization, but newlyweds still need to know all kinds of design taboos that affect the decoration effect:

ceiling taboos: heavy depression, colorful

judge whether the ceiling is needed according to the floor height of their house. If necessary, the ceiling design should not be too heavy, otherwise it will give people a sense of depression and breathing. The young couple are still young, and their careers are on the rise. They are all looking forward to the day of emergence. Don't be pressured. At the same time, the ceiling should not be too gorgeous. An excessively luxurious ceiling will lead to the ballroom style of home, making the quiet room bloated and complicated, and losing the beauty of a warm static room

floor taboo: disorderly use of patterns and obvious color difference

using three-dimensional geometric patterns is easy to produce uneven visual effects, making people instantly produce visual deviation, causing the elderly and children to fall. If the color depth difference is too large, it will form a visual gap, form psychological pressure, lead to irritability, and affect the harmony between husband and wife

wall taboo: luxurious style, too many colors

walls are the main visual bearing in the home, which directly affects the whole decoration style. The wall color of the same room should not be too much, and different rooms can be colored separately. The color has the difference between five elements and cold and warm. It is better to choose the five elements that grow together and the temperature is moderate. It is not biased, but it is also better to make the newlyweds feel comfortable. In addition, it's best to keep the original intention of static and comfortable marriage, which reflects warmth and comfort, environmental protection and health, and should not be too luxurious

furniture taboo: big materials are small, outdated collocation

it is not suitable to place indomitable big furniture in a small room, and the color should not be too dark, so as not to change the integrity of the house, make the proportion of the house unbalanced, cause a sense of spatial depression, affect the harmony between husband and wife, and thick colors also hinder visual freshness. In addition, it is best not to place outdated old furniture in the new house, which will destroy the overall style of the new house on the one hand, and on the other hand, old things are not a good meaning for the new house

potting taboo: improper placement, messy colors

flower arrangement or potting can beautify the indoor environment, which can resolve the sharp angle shooting indoors. Bonsai plants are an effective and economical way to adjust indoor Feng Shui. However, the four directions of Zi, Wu, Mao and you are the place to bathe in the four defeats, so it is not suitable to place flowers, which has the deep meaning of urging extramarital peach blossoms. In addition, the color of potted plants in the house should be matched appropriately, which is not easy to be too much and miscellaneous




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