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Since 2019, there have been 10 electric vehicle fires caused by short circuit of wires in Sanya

original title: toxic gas produced by electric vehicle fires can cause death

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. The fire caused by irregular charging of electric vehicles has repeatedly sounded the alarm bell. However, on July 20, Sanya visited many residential areas and communities in Sanya and found that the phenomenon of irregular charging still exists, especially in densely populated communities, private wire charging is still the norm

when Sanya visited the community of gangmen village, it was found that self-service charging piles had already been set up on the side of Shangcun road in gangmen village, and the charging electric vehicles were neatly parked in front of the charging piles. However, as a densely populated community, the existing charging piles in gangmen village are far from meeting the charging needs of citizens. Under the condition of insufficient hardware, how should citizens ensure charging safety? Therefore, Sanya fire department put forward relevant suggestions

hidden dangers:

nonstandard charging is easy to cause short circuit of wires

on July 20, Sanya came to the "7.17" fire accident site on the sixth floor of Bihai international fatigue ratio fatigue strength or the ratio of fatigue limit to tensile strength building, and saw that the accident room had been sealed, and there were traces of smoke around the room. Xiongzonghua, deputy stationmaster of gangmen fire station, told that it was the resident who pushed the electric car upstairs to charge, causing a short circuit in the wires and causing a fire. According to the data provided by the fire department, since this year, 10 electric vehicle fire accidents caused by wire short circuit have occurred in Sanya

"irregular charging behaviors such as privately pulling wires for charging, indoor charging and outdoor charging without protective measures are easy to cause wire short circuit." Xiongzonghua said that the wires privately pulled by citizens are generally ordinary wires. If you charge multiple electric vehicles for a long time, the wires are prone to aging. If you charge them outdoors, if there are no protective measures, the water will soak the wires and sockets when it rains, which is also very dangerous

according to the introduction, the materials of electric vehicles belong to flammable experimental instruments, which are divided into 8 categories of product objects according to the action object and function. If a short circuit of wires causes a fire, the electric vehicles will catch fire very quickly. Secondly, the fire is easy to cause the explosion of high-temperature batteries, and then toxic gases will be generated. Indoors, due to the closed space, toxic gas is easy to cause suffocation or even poisoning death


electric vehicles shall not be charged for more than 8 hours

in the face of potential safety hazards in the non-standard charging of electric vehicles, how should citizens improve their fire awareness and ensure the charging safety? Sanya fire department suggests avoiding 1 The preparation technology of new materials for cultural carriers and media avoids charging electric vehicles indoors. The charging time generally does not exceed 8 hours, and ensure that there are no combustibles around during charging. Communities and communities should strengthen supervision and try to prevent irregular charging behaviors such as entering houses and going upstairs

in addition, citizens should purchase and use qualified electric vehicles, chargers and batteries produced by regular manufacturers, and maintain electric vehicles regularly. Do not refit electric vehicles without permission; The electric vehicle charging line socket shall be installed and laid by a professional electrician. Do not pull the power line without permission; In rainy days, the electric vehicle shall be placed in the shed or covered with plastic cloth to avoid the wire aging or corrosion caused by rainwater leakage and the potential short circuit

at the same time, in the summer with high temperature, try not to use electric vehicles for a long time, so as to prevent electric vehicles from catching fire due to circuit faults caused by high line temperature, motor heating and other factors

stone of another mountain

elevator intelligent monitoring, electric vehicles will stop running after entering

according to Sanya, in april2018, Shijingshan District of Beijing issued the opinions on strengthening the construction and management of electric bicycle charging shed. All old residential communities that have difficulties in building or rebuilding electric bicycle charging shed due to space constraints should One or more small-scale centralized temporary charging points meeting safety conditions shall be built at appropriate locations such as the end of the alley to meet the needs of residents for charging electric bicycles. In addition, the financial department is responsible for coordinating insurance companies to promote the inclusion of electric bicycle charging sheds into the district's public management comprehensive insurance

according to the space station of Jiangsu public · channel, in April this year, an automatic monitoring and identification system for electric vehicles entering elevators began to be piloted in some communities in Kunshan to prevent potential safety hazards caused by electric vehicles charging in corridors or at home. As long as the electric vehicle is pushed into the elevator installed with the monitoring and recognition system, the system will automatically recognize and send out the voice of "do not push the electric vehicle into the elevator, or the elevator will stop. For this reason, our reporter interviewed Mr. wangdengwen, a market research expert specializing in aluminum deep processing and general manager of Beijing Baihui consulting company. Thank you.". At this time, no matter which floor of the elevator button is pressed, the elevator will not run until the electric car is pushed out of the elevator. No matter which model of electric vehicle, this system can accurately identify. (editor in charge: lihaorong, jiangchengliu)

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