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Luo Jun, sina Leju: Service China 2011 to further improve the user experience on October 23, the 2010 Sina Leju Chongqing Innovation Summit was grandly held. Before the meeting, Luo Jun, CO executive president of CRIC (microblog), received an interview from important media in Chongqing

the survival and development of an enterprise depends on whether it has innovative ideas, innovative steps and innovative implementation. So every year, sina Leju hopes to be innovative. As an Internet media, innovation is particularly important to us. So every year, it starts its strategy for the second year with "innovation" as the main line. This year's innovation is mainly based on the concept of e=mc2. We believe that next year's innovation will be implemented under the concept of e=mc2. E is effective and effective, M is the platform, and C2 is the achievement of methods and resources. We will carry out in-depth services around "Online + online + offline + offline" around the effects of marketing and the efficiency of consumers, home buyers and house purchasing. For example, this year we created a call center to provide online services to consumers through 20 call clusters distributed nationwide. It is neither an offline house viewing group nor an online forum interaction, but an online Chinese service, which was first proposed by Sina Leju. Next year, this is still one of our innovations, but it will be expanded in depth and breadth. Therefore, next year's innovation is not only the improvement of new marketing concepts and user experience, but also the extension of depth and breadth

: one of the biggest problems encountered by the real estate Internet platform at present is the homogenization of competition. Although Sina Leju took the lead in completing the listing, in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, how can Sina Leju break through and what advantages it has that can not be copied

there are several advantages for us. We are the first network company to be listed in the United States, and we are the most fully prepared in all aspects of capital structure. Secondly, the company has a very good cultural atmosphere. It inherits Sina's standardized system, including advantageous resources and media influence. At the same time, there are countless innovative businesses, ideas and plans every year. Under these characteristics, we are already leading in culture. Second, it has a strong nationwide distribution and execution. At the beginning of 2008, there were only four branches, and today there are 138 branches, far more than competitors, and the business growth rate of these branches is also very fast. I believe that with the further deepening of the layout, we will further improve our business innovation, industry depth, scale effect and user experience for consumers in 2011

:2010 Innovation Summit is the first time that sina and Baidu jointly hosted it. So, what kind of cooperative relationship does Baidu and Sina currently have? What kind of experimental waveform changes will the resource integration of these two most powerful Internet platforms in China bring

there are three modes of Internet. The first is the portal mode. Sina is the largest and most typical company in the Chinese world. The second mode - search engine mode, baidu is undoubtedly the most influential search engine now. The third is the so-called SMS, that is, communities, forums, etc. Sina Weibo now occupies a very important position and has a very broad future. As a vertical leader and leader in the industry, China real estate trust started by integrating with sina, relying on Sina as a platform for successful business expansion and Nasdaq listing. After listing, we didn't have a servo oil source equipped with imported high-pressure gear pump and servo pump. We extended another hand to cooperate with Baidu and established Baidu Leju, realizing the vertical extension in the search engine. As an intermediary, Leju cooperates with sina, Baidu, Weibo, etc., so we are an open platform, thinking and innovative concept

: everyone commented that this year is a policy year, but the performance of Chongqing property market is still eye-catching. What do you think of this phenomenon? How do you predict the trend of Chongqing property market in 2011

there are many macro-control policies issued by the state, especially for the real estate industry, which is an important industry. We believe that any policy of the government has its regulation significance and reasons. The minority obeys the public, and the public obeys the state. There must be various factors at home and abroad, so we should all support it. Secondly, the impact of regulation and control on the real estate industry has played a certain role. It can not be said that it has completely led the industry to this direction, but it still has a certain role and has not developed towards the uncontrollable party. For the future, at the 2010 China financial reporting forum held in Shenzhen two weeks ago, we and CCTV launched a public-oriented joint survey on the price trend of next year. In the survey results, 70% of the respondents believe that the house price will be flat or rise again next year. In other words, most of the respondents still believe that the house price will rise or remain flat next year. However, house price is a response of comprehensive factors, and its rise and fall cannot be generalized. As for the real estate industry in Chongqing, there are many new feelings in Chongqing this time. There are many beautiful houses in Chongqing, which is much better than my previous impression. I think the development of the real estate industry is inseparable from the contributions of the builders and peers who have completed and delivered the plant and installed the equipment within this year. I believe that Chongqing will be better and better in the future

: it has been 14 months since China real estate information group (Weibo) was officially listed on NASDAQ. Looking back on this year, what do you think you have gained? What new strategic layout will Sina Leju have in 2011

over the past 14 months, our team has gained more training. The growth and maturity of the team are very fast. Chongqing district is a good example. Under the leadership of general manager guoyajun, the growth rate of the team is amazing. The second harvest is that in accordance with the requirements of the industry, we need to have more understanding of the industry, including more understanding and contact with the industry, development enterprises and development associations. We will also listen to consumers' views on the network use experience. In this year, we have greatly improved the revision of the station, user experience and in-depth understanding of the industry. I think this is the wealth of our company. Of course, when it is dissolved into productivity, it is also the needs of the industry and consumers. Third, after the listing of the company, the performance growth is also obvious to all, and its contribution to the stock market, investors and the real estate industry is obvious to all. I hope we can have more summary and harvest at this time next year

: Sina Leju developed very well in 2010. What new strategic layout will Sina Leju have in 2011

the board of directors, local management departments and core management will consider this issue. First of all, they will consider that they will do more work in the depth of business and industry next year. E=mc2 is the overall outline and the idea of improving efficiency and effect. The second is to further expand the coverage throughout the country. Although it has expanded from four branches to 138 within two years, it may be just a start for us to enter more places so that more consumers can experience the beauty of the Internet and the value of a company with ideals and aspirations. In other words, user experience will be a very important lesson for us next year. Third, more care will be given to Jinan puye tensile testing machine to control the stretching and tightening speed and displacement more accurately, and more efforts will be made in the professional quality and career growth of employees. Next year, all aspects will strengthen the care for employees. Sina Real Estate

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