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The Sino Dutch cooperation on forest protection and community development in Yunnan has a wide range of effects. Recently, Bai Chengliang, director of Yunnan Provincial Forestry Department, pointed out at the summary and exchange meeting of the Sino Dutch cooperation Forest Protection and community development project (consolidation period): protecting the natural environment and natural resources is common in the world and requires the joint efforts of all mankind. In order to protect the biodiversity of the "new material industry", which is one of the national strategic emerging industries, many countries and organizations have extended a helping hand to our province. The Chinese and Dutch governments started the Sino Dutch cooperative forest protection and community development project as early as 1998. After the completion of the first phase of the project in 2004, with the support of the Ministry of Commerce and the State Forestry Administration, the Forestry Department of Yunnan Province signed a three-year consolidation agreement with the Embassy of the Netherlands. The Dutch government provided 1.4 million euros to assist Yunnan forestry department to continue to implement biodiversity protection and capacity-building, so as to consolidate the experience and achievements made in the early stage of the project. In the past three years, under the leadership and care of the provincial government and the support of the project leading group and member units, except for 2 of the 38 project activities involved in the consolidation period, the rest projects have been successfully implemented, and the project funds are strictly controlled and used in accordance with the budget. Through the implementation of the project, a wide range of effects have been achieved:

first, it has standardized the management of new projects and projects under construction of the natural company, including the 15000 ton battery grade lithium carbonate project reserve. It took the lead in preparing the biodiversity protection project plan of Yunnan Province and the wetland protection project plan of Yunnan Province, providing a scientific basis for the biodiversity and wetland protection of the whole province in the future; Five regulations and standards, including the technical standard for biodiversity impact assessment, have been formulated to promote the standardization and standardization of protection work in the whole province, which has been approved by the State Forestry Administration and forwarded to all provinces and cities for reference; The resources of ancient tea gardens (trees) in the whole province were investigated, and the resources were basically found out; Published and printed four sets of teaching materials and series including biodiversity investigation and evaluation, which provided reference for the construction and management of nature reserves in the whole province and even the whole country; The basic database and stations of Yunnan nature reserve have been preliminarily established to realize the standardized and information-based management of the reserve

second, the ability of protection mechanism has been improved. Through the purchase of equipment and 10 sessions of technical training for 300 people covering the whole province, the project units have improved the working ability of grass-roots protection management personnel, enhanced institutional management ability, and also promoted the exchange between protection areas

third, close cooperative partnership. With the support of the project, Yunnan Province has established a forestry information center, a nature conservation monitoring and research center and a wildlife monitoring center in the provincial forestry investigation and Planning Institute, improving the capacity of wildlife protection and management. The Provincial Forestry Vocational and technical college has newly established the Department of biodiversity protection and sustainable utilization, which has promoted the professional knowledge training of 224 push-pull stainless steel windows in the reserve. On the basis of the cooperative construction of wetland research center by Kunming Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences and provincial forestry department, and with the approval of the State Forestry Administration, the national plateau wetland research center was established in Southwest Forestry University, which laid the foundation for the establishment of wetland protection, management and monitoring system in Yunnan. Through the cooperative implementation of the project, the links among management institutions, scientific research institutes and universities in the reserve have been further established, technical support resources have been integrated, and the partnership has been close

fourth, the community co management model was popularized. Actively promote the establishment of forest co management organizations in the surrounding areas of the reserve, which has played an important role in resource protection, coordination and management. The community development demonstration project eased the contradiction between resource protection and economic development, and effectively promoted the harmonious development of the nature reserve and the surrounding communities

fifth, we have learned international advanced experience. Through the implementation of the project, Yunnan Province has learned international advanced technologies and concepts in the organization, management and operation of biodiversity protection, and effectively promoted the biodiversity protection and management in Yunnan Province

these achievements have not come easily, and they embody the hard work and sweat of leaders and experts from China and the Netherlands. During the implementation of the project, the Dutch Embassy in China, especially the minister and Dutch experts, also visited the provincial forestry department for many times to inspect and guide the implementation of the project, and fully affirmed the implementation of the project. Although the three-year project implementation period is coming to an end, the friendship between the Chinese and Dutch people will be eternal

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