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Simplify the wine label to welcome the new world sell wine like selling coke

the complex and profound French wine label has become a fashion in the past

under the pressure of new world rivals, French wine producers have to change their original marketing methods and learn from Coca Cola's experience to make wine a more accessible drink

simplified wine label

French wine began to try to abandon the original wine label system based on complex region names and replace it with straightforward grape names like new world wine. Now, even the most conservative French wine lovers no longer use the names of Chablis, Bordeaux and other regions when buying wine, but directly ask for a bottle of Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon. The content of the wine label is changing for daily drinking, especially for those products that are intended to be exported overseas

however, the concept of production area is deeply rooted in the hearts of French wine makers. A wine can be traced back to the hillside where the grapes used are produced. For a country proud of terroir (French word, which can be understood as natural factors including soil, climate, etc.), it is not easy to make such changes

Ms. Valerie pajotin, head of the French National Wine Industry Association (anivin), said: we want to build a well-known brand like apple or Coca Cola. The organization was established last year to promote the new name of Vin de France (French wine) to replace the original Vin de table (daily table wine), which has the meaning of low quality. Its purpose is to win back the effective experimental width: 400mm consumers who have been robbed by new world competitors. In the main markets of French wine such as the UK, Germany and the United States, a large number of consumers turn to the wines in California, Australia and other places

losing out

Bertrand praz, purchasing manager of grand chais de France, a famous French wine and spirits exporter, said: French wine has lost about 20% - 30% of its original market share

according to the figures of UBIFRANCE, the French wine export decreased by 19% to 5.5 billion euros (about 6.7 billion US dollars) in 2009, returning to the level of 10 years ago

although some critics believe that this is detrimental to the tradition of French wine, praz insists that French wine makers should put aside their bodies and rethink the way out in the future. He said: since the beginning of history, French wine has always been marked with complex grades and geographical names. French wine makers rely on their excellent wine quality and are famous around the world. They never worry that complex wine labels will scare off potential consumers

however, decades ago, a new world emerged. From the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa to later Chile and Argentina, these new world wines have grabbed a large number of French wine fans with simple and friendly wine labels marked with grape varieties

rene Mo, President of anivin, is rapidly promoting the international industrial adjustment and new technological revolution triggered by this. Reno said: it is undeniable that grape variety is the primary factor for people to choose products. If someone wants to buy a dry white wine, he may directly call for everlasting longing for each other. People who like full-bodied wine will choose Chardonnay. This team will rely on its mechanical processing

conform to the market

Chris Adams, President of sherry Lehmann, a famous American wine store, believes that the change of wine label will promote the sales of French wine in the American market

the French wine industry also believes that the new measures will also boost domestic sales, especially in chain supermarkets and channels for young consumers

in 2008, the EU replaced the original Vin de table with the name of Vin de France, which also promoted the innovation of wine labels. Moreno said: our aim is to simplify the wine label of French wine, weaken the concept of production area, and attract consumers with stable wine quality like the new world

this reform will encourage manufacturers to increase innovation to meet market demand. Producers can use the same grape varieties from different regions to ensure the stability of wine quality, just like coca cola. Pajotin said

it is reported that anivin has an annual budget of 800000 euros

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