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On the morning of May 19, the Sino German high-end equipment Industrial Park in Tiexi District, a busy construction scene, the foundation laying ceremony for the new plants of sailaimo water system (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. and Newcastle planetary reducer (Shenyang) Co., Ltd., was held, and Shenyang Han's sailway robot Co., Ltd. was officially unveiled

with the official commencement of the construction of these three projects, since May, the number of newly started and settled projects in the Sino German equipment park has reached 20, and 21 new negotiation and promotion projects, including the park PA) The construction of polycarbonate (polycarbonate) zone has been accelerated significantly, and the project has entered the centralized construction season.

these three projects can be described as "extraordinary experience".

"there is at least one thing that comes from our Han nationality laser, such as apples in your hands, patterns on clothes buttons, or processing and cutting earrings and rings..." Chen Yi, vice president of Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd., vividly introduced the business scope of the company

Shenyang Han saitewei robot Co., Ltd., which was unveiled this time, was officially contracted and restructured after Han laser invested 42.84 million yuan in Shenyang saitewei Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. Han's laser is a world-famous manufacturer of laser processing equipment. Its comprehensive strength ranks second in the world's laser field. It has more than 2000 domestic and foreign patents, and a number of core technologies are at the international leading level. In 2015, the company's sales revenue exceeded 5.6 billion yuan, ranking first in the domestic laser equipment share. Shenyang saitewei Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. has been engaged in equipment manufacturing in the automotive industry for 10 years, and can provide high-quality non-standard industrial robot application engineering, fixture and automatic production lines. After the restructuring, the two sides will integrate advantageous resources and achieve greater development in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing

referring to the settlement of Sino German equipment Park, Chen Yi said that Shenyang does not often need to add synergists, lacks talents and resources, and the labor cost is relatively low. Moreover, the Sino German equipment park has a vast space, so enterprises do not have to worry about limited expansion in the future. It is reported that Han's laser entered the northeast for the first time this time. Its business, Ningbo Jifeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., has newly developed and launched a foaming packaging buffer material with natural plant starch as the main raw material, and the market will continue to radiate throughout the northeast

selaimer group is the world's leading water technology supplier and the world's largest water treatment group, with annual sales of US $4billion. The total investment of the new plant project laid the foundation in the Sino German equipment park is 35million yuan, mainly producing large sewage pumps. It is expected that the new products will be put into production in July this year. By then, the production capacity of Shenyang company will be increased to 100000 sets. In addition, the newly built plant will achieve an annual output of 3000 large-scale water pumps (sets), an annual new output value of 200million yuan, a profit of 13million yuan and a tax of 3.25 million yuan

the new plant project of Newcastle planetary gear reducer (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 50million yuan and is expected to be put into use before the end of this year. Founded in 1928, Newcastle company of Germany has become a world-class manufacturer of precision planetary gear reducer. Its planetary gear reducer is in a leading position in many industries, such as machine tool, textile, printing, packaging, etc. In 2013, the sales volume of newcat China exceeded 100million yuan, and the annual tax payment was 20million yuan. It is estimated that by 2022, the annual sales will reach 500million yuan and the annual tax payment will reach 75million yuan

according to the Sino German equipment Park, with the commencement of these three new projects, the total number of various projects in the main industrial sectors of the park has reached 142. Among them, 37 have been completed, 26 are under construction or in the process of registration, 13 have been signed, and 66 have been promoted through negotiation. In addition, a number of projects such as German enterprise service building, Sino German Vocational and technical college, Dako rail transit equipment manufacturing will also be started in the near future

while the project construction continues to consolidate, a series of favorable policies designed around the development of the park are also being formulated. According to the introduction of the Sino German Park Management Committee, the mayor's office meeting on May 9 specially studied the implementation plan of "zero charge" in the Sino German Park, and made it clear that within the 48 square kilometers of the park, three categories of charge items will be exempted for the identified investment projects (enterprises), and the "fee free zone" policy will be implemented in the near future. On May 16, Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission organized a promotion meeting for the establishment of "Sino German (Shenyang) high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park investment fund", which defined the initial investment scale of the fund, and set up a three-level industrial development guidance fund in accordance with the principles of professional management and market-oriented operation, in addition to being applied to meet the requirements of the market for improving the packaging quality and quantity of modified plastics, Support the development of enterprises in the park

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