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Kangyue 8610v2.0 on-board SD card video storage module supports pre recording function

muc204 micro camera is a product that we are proud to re tension when it is found to be loose. According to the current market development, it is known as the smallest camera in the world. The volume is only 8mm*28mm

muc204n is an ideal application module with small volume, low power and low cost. It is very suitable for application in the space invisible to the naked eye, automobile engines, steel cylinders, all kinds of narrow pipes, some parts of the human body and other confined spaces

muc204 uses 1/18 ov6920 CMOS senor, and comes with three high brightness white LED lights (brightness adjustable) and infrared filter lens, which can also see objects in the field of vision in dark conditions

we have started mass production now. The image resolution can reach 320*240. On the whole, composite video signal output, using 5V power supply, can be directly connected to TV or other display devices without any settings. It is very convenient to use

the following figure simulates the application case of muc204:

after installing the self-designed shell on the muc204 camera, it can be connected to a handheld display device to become a complete product. Wired or wireless mode can be selected for image transmission between camera and display device

this set of micro visual equipment can be widely used in dark and small spaces, such as machine internal detection, pipeline monitoring and automobile detection. Some customers also use it to make eyes for smart toys

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