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The Kalmar care service contract guarantees the smooth operation of yilport Swedish terminal

the Kalmar care service contract guarantees the smooth operation of yilport Swedish terminal

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Kalmar has won the service contract of yilport holding company to provide maintenance for its three freight terminals in Sweden. The quantity of materials applicable to it makes the company's product prices remain high and impressed deeply. This order has been entered into Cargotec's order in the third quarter of 2017 and will be delivered at the beginning of 2018

yilport operates 20 marine ports and wharves around the world, is committed to creating world-class multi-functional facilities in the international arena, and plans to become one of the world's top ten port operators by 2025. Yilport in Sweden G? VLE operates a multi-purpose terminal and a container terminal, while operating a multi-modal transport terminal in northern Stockholm. The service cooperation between Kalmar and yilport dates back to 2016, when Kalmar was the service partner of yilport Oslo terminal in Norway

yilport has more than 70 loading brands and types of cargo handling equipment with different computer display experimental power at the three Swedish terminals. Kalma will be responsible for the equipment maintenance of the three terminals to ensure the smooth operation of the terminals, which refers to the conventional product business. This Kalman care service agreement includes the maintenance of mobile port cranes, front cranes, forklifts, dock tractors and wheel loaders, the pricing and maintenance of leased and owned equipment, and the provision of 7x24 round the clock services based on the actual quotation. The agreement will provide yilport with professional technicians and flexible staffing, reduce equipment downtime, and improve terminal operation efficiency

Eryn dinyovszky, general manager of yilport northern Europe, said, "Kalmar is our trusted partner in northern Europe, and we are happy to sign this service agreement with Kalmar. In terms of staffing and service level, Kalmar care is worth the money and is very flexible. In the future, Kalmar can help us continuously improve the safety and transparency of maintenance services."

Karri keskinen, director of karma service contract department, said: "This agreement renews the cooperative relationship between Kalmar and yilport in northern Europe, and proves Kalmar's ability to meet customers' complex maintenance needs. With world-class maintenance experience and flexible solutions, we can help yilport improve equipment reliability, reduce total cost of ownership and equipment downtime, improve operational safety, and raise yilport's service operations to a new level."

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