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Cognex: continuous innovation to achieve rapid growth

as a company based on the world and focusing on machine vision, Cognex provides the world's leading products and services in the field of manufacturing automation, such as machine vision systems, vision software, vision sensors and surface detection systems

in the past year, although the global economy and China's manufacturing industry showed signs of gradually warming, the performance of many enterprises was not satisfactory. However, Cognex company submitted a satisfactory answer. In 2013, its product development and sales initiatives increased the revenue of the factory automation market, while the downstream market demand did not improve, and set a new record for annual sales. In the second half of 2013, the growth of factory automation sales exceeded the long-term goal of 20%. What are the new developments of Cognex in 2014? At the SIAF 2014 Guangzhou automation exhibition, we interviewed Mr. Huang Yan, the marketing manager of Cognex visual inspection system (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

the growth of kangnaishi's performance in 2013 is inseparable from a series of new products and cutting-edge technologies. While constantly updating its existing products, Cognex is also improving its product research and development capabilities

at the beginning of 2014, Cognex launched its new product DataMan 8050 series handheld code reader. At the SIAF exhibition, manager Huang gave us a detailed understanding of this new product

7. Loading speed according to the experimental requirements

according to manager Huang, DataMan 8050 code reader is equipped with kangnaishi's world-class barcode reading algorithm, which is designed for use in workshops with harsh environment. The most advanced algorithm can decode the most challenging barcode quickly and easily. At the same time, the flexible modular design ensures that the DataMan 8050 coder can meet the changing communication needs. Fast and reliable reading performance

for one-dimensional bar codes, the 1dmax+ algorithm with hotbars image analysis technology provides unprecedented performance for DataMan code readers, enabling them to read damaged or difficult to read codes. For two-dimensional code, the optimized advanced two-dimensional algorithm can read any type of barcode quickly and stably every time. Modular communication has the greatest flexibility. DataMan 8050 series industrial code readers have field exchangeable communication modules. By configuring one code reader, it can meet various specific communication needs. The robust industrial design DataMan 8050 code reader can be used in the most severe environment. Manager Huang said that DataMan 8050 and 8050x are applying for patents. This product is particularly suitable for use in many production environments, such as automotive, consumer electronics, aviation and packaging industries

nowadays, in order to break the homogenization of hardware products, many companies have changed from product providers to solution providers, and the same is true of Cognex. In February this year, Cognex launched a solution for the tire industry to solve the reading challenges of bar codes and low contrast embossed characters faced by tire manufacturers. Cognex tire solutions integrates proprietary machine vision knowledge, recognition technology and high-performance barcode reading technology with pre configured solutions to meet the unique requirements of the tire industry

tire manufacturers have reached the stability of the whole machine structure. In all production stages from receiving raw materials to final assembly and distribution, they need reliable barcode reading solutions. Tires go through multiple locations, plants, cities or countries in their service life, so accurate tire identification is crucial to managing compliance, WIP, sorting and routing, and quality control. Manager Huang further explained

the new Cognex tire solution adopts patented high-speed barcode algorithm and optical character recognition (OCR) reading technology, which can provide advanced and reliable reading results. These Cognex solutions have great advantages in reducing costs and supporting process improvement

manager Huang emphasized that through the Cognex connect communication suite, it is also possible to easily integrate Cognex tire solutions with factory networks. Kangnaishi tire solution is a conventional inventory product, which relies on a special support network to ensure faster delivery of products

in addition to this product and solution, manager Huang also introduced the powerful new version of DataMan software of Cognex. This version of software has the function of adjusting and expanding scripts and a new test mode, which is applicable to the most popular DataMan 300 and 503 code reader series of Cognex. The new version of software can significantly improve the reading rate, interpret the low resolution one-dimensional code, and expand the intelligent adjustment function, which brings confusion to all codes for those who are not familiar with this situation, including Aztec, MaxiCode and PDF417. Surprisingly, this software can even handle the high-performance hotbars algorithm in one-dimensional and PDF417 bar codes

these leading and mature technologies will bring a new situation to the code reading application technology in consumer goods, logistics, food, beverage, automobile and other industries

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