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Kangyue electronics launched the 16g circular storage D1 effect video module dvr8611

recently, Kangyue electronics grandly launched a new product, the 16g circular storage D1 effect video module dvr8611

dvr8611 selects the video recording function to strengthen on the basis of dvr8600, and adds the file circular storage function. It is a module specially designed for customers with video recording function needs. The product price is low. The professional technical team of Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. produces a powerful experimental machine, which is very suitable for any place that needs video recording function, such as vehicle monitoring, home and public place monitoring

the characteristics of the product are as follows:

small size: 80x55mm; Working voltage: DC12V

1 channel audio and video signal input

manual control recording, each recording time can reach 10 minutes

support dynamic detection, trigger recording, Time 10/20/30s optional

support file first in first out cyclic storage

pal system: 720x576 25fps

ntsc system: 720x480 30fps

support SDHC 16g card

output alarm signal during dynamic detection

backup battery to prevent sudden power failure to produce bad files

watchdog function to avoid the three policy years before death: 5%, 4% machine

rtc real-time clock display

2 The experimental machine is a high-precision instrument, and the photographing and video files can be labeled with date and time tags

real time video images can be output to TV

the basic principle has not been greatly modified

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