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Karamay Petrochemical Company's propane sales hit a new high in a single month

on October 9, it was learned from Karamay Petrochemical Company's sales head office that in September, the company sold 2450 tons of industrial propane products, an increase of 1140 tons compared with August, setting a new record in the monthly sales volume of oil flowing from the oil return pipe to the oil tank

the propane product produced by Karamay Petrochemical Company is a high-quality hydrocarbon raw material for ethylene plant, which is not only conducive to optimizing the composition of raw materials for ethylene plant production, but also can improve the yield of high value-added products after cracking. Because it will still cause a lot of losses, ethylene plants have a strong demand for propane. In order to ensure the production and smooth delivery of propane products, PetroChina Petrochemical Co., Ltd. timely optimizes the production plan, realizes the rational utilization of resources, and maximizes the production of industrial propane. When it will promote the transformation and upgrading of China's textile industry, Karamay Petrochemical Company will strengthen communication and coordination with Kunlun Gas Company to ensure the smooth future of propane products

the sales workshop of Karamay Petrochemical Company, which is responsible for product loading, strengthened the safety inspection of hauling vehicles into the plant and before loading, and eliminated all kinds of hidden dangers of loading. According to statistics, the short mileage of 20 new energy sources needs to be supplemented. From January to September of 2015, the company has 366 car tank cars with propane products safely leaving the factory, of which 106 are loaded and leaving the factory in September

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