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Kangsheng won lubtop2018 excellent international famous lubricant brand award

Kangsheng won lubtop2018 excellent international famous lubricant brand award

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on November 26, 2018, the "lubtop2018 annual general evaluation list of China's lubricant industry" award ceremony organized by China Lubricant information and lubricant market magazine was grandly held in Shanghai. The annual general evaluation of lubtop has been held for six consecutive years. It has become a national evaluation activity with great scale and influence in the lubricant industry, and is recognized as the "Oscar of the year" in the industry. With outstanding product quality, customer service and brand influence, Kangsheng stands out from many lubricant brands and won the "lubtop2018 excellent international famous lubricant brand"

the reason why Kangsheng was able to win lubtop2018 and make it produce the initial friction show on the clamping surface is that it was born in a famous family and inherited the 100 year reputation of the parent company.

Kangsheng lubricating oil (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Cummins and shengpai. Cummins engine company, one of the parent companies of Cummins lubricants, was founded in 1919. At present, it is the largest independent engine manufacturer in the world, with more than 600 distribution agencies and more than 6500 dealer points in more than 190 countries and regions providing services to customers. It began to enter China in 1975 and is one of the early commercial cooperative American enterprises to enter China. By the end of 2006, an after-sales service network consisting of 10 regional service centers and more than 230 authorized distributors and service providers had been established in Chinese Mainland. With its support, Kangsheng is strengthening the development of the Chinese market, providing high-quality lubricants for the majority of Chinese users, and is determined to provide high-quality services to every customer. Shengpai, another parent company of Kangsheng, was founded in 1866 and is the inventor of lubricating oil

it can be said that Kangsheng has had excellent genes since its birth, inheriting the good reputation and strict product control of the parent company. The principle of non degradation has been searched and studied a lot, which only meets the OEM and API certification standards of international mainstream manufacturers, and the raw materials are basically imported from European origin, ensuring the natural quality of lubricating oil. From professional track to engineering highway, or from commercial field to household use, Kangsheng lubricant provides a full range of solutions for the lubrication applications of various commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, engineering machinery, railways, generators and ships, improves the user experience and reduces the operation and use costs of owners and customers, so that Kangsheng has a good reputation and high brand influence in the domestic market

quality innovation, green environmental protection and low-carbon progress

based on the strong industry experience of the parent company Cummins engine and shengpai lubricating oil platform, the perfect service system and cutting-edge lubricating oil R & D and production technology are also important reasons for Kangsheng to win the award. Group research (1) regularly check whether the connecting line of the rear panel of the controller is in good contact. The development platform has successively established 19 R & D institutions in the United States, Britain, France, China and other countries, established a strong global R & D network, and has more than 300 testing laboratories. R & D and production of a full range of high-quality lubricating oil products, leading the API quality standards of the American Society of engineers. Kangsheng lubricating oil adheres to Cummins' concept of "driving a green future with technology pioneer" and constantly carries out technological innovation. With a forward-looking vision, we have broken through the world's senses and created a new industry standard of "energy conservation, environmental protection and leading the low-carbon trend". Domestic and foreign institutions highly recognize the quality of Kangsheng

with the excellent tradition of the parent company, good market reputation and the recognition of domestic and foreign institutions, Kangsheng has won lubtop2018 excellent international well-known lubricant brand. With this honor, Kangsheng lubricant will continue to move forward on the road of future development. Next year is also the 100th anniversary of the birth of Cummins. Cummins will forge ahead with its parent company, continue to bring high-quality products and services to the majority of users with Centennial glory, and expand the international brand influence of Cummins in China

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