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Kalmar China has launched a new part anti-counterfeiting technology

in the past 10 years

in order to further improve Kalmar's service quality, Kalmar China will launch a new version of part anti-counterfeiting labels from December 19, 2016

the new anti-counterfeiting label has four layers of anti-counterfeiting technology. Using the world's most advanced ultra-fine ion voice anti-counterfeiting technology, it can more comprehensively protect your consumer rights and interests. The new anti-counterfeiting label is simple and easy to operate. You can check the authenticity of karma parts by scanning the QR code

specific inspection methods

in every card plastic granulator operation that touches a wide range of areas of the national economy, there is a new anti-counterfeiting and corrosion-resistant label on the lower right corner of the original genuine parts label sold by Erma. Scrape the coating to obtain the whole anti-counterfeiting QR code. Then pick up your scanning QR code, pay attention to the official account of "Kalma port machinery", click the anti-counterfeiting query in the official account window, and scan the QR code again to obtain the verification information of the authenticity of the parts

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