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Kalmar released a new type of empty container stacker with higher efficiency, more reliability and lower operation cost.

Kalmar released a new type of empty container stacker with higher efficiency, more reliability and lower operation cost. Kalmar released a new type of Empty Container Stacker at the Munich container loading and unloading station. The slogan of the new equipment is "exceed your expectations", which shows that this product promises not only to meet customers' needs, but also to exceed customers' expectations

Kalmar has successfully delivered nearly 10000 empty container stackers in the past 30 years, of which thousands are still in normal operation today. Based on the excellent durability, reliability and perfect local, but it is the first time to claim that it can directly replace the polymer slurry service network, 90% of Kalmar customers are willing to purchase Kalmar Empty Container Stacker again

Kalmar new DCG Empty Container Stacker

the new DCG empty container stacker is manufactured based on customer investigation and research. The customer listed the three most important requirements of the stacker: high productivity, high reliability (less downtime, a few machine tests with a steel sample with a certain hardness) and low operation cost. DCG empty container stacker is designed based on these requirements. It can not only meet all the above requirements, but also provide unprecedented functional options

the new stacker can provide multiple models of single box and double box, with lifting capacity of 8 tons, 9 tons and 10 tons respectively. The drive, lifting height, lifting appliance, operating capacity and a series of safety configuration options (including backup alarm, automatic fire extinguishing, alcohol lock, tire pressure monitoring and auxiliary lighting, etc.) can be selected according to actual needs

Kalmar's new DCG Empty Container Stacker

the new stacker is equipped with a top-notch ego cab, and the advanced ergonomic design, wider vision and lifting seats have greatly improved the driver's comfort. DCG Empty Container Stacker reduces the cost of each move, and truly reduces the operating cost while achieving high productivity. The maintenance interval of new equipment has also been extended, making it easier to maintain. The new empty container stacker will be equipped with smartfleet program, which is a device monitoring and optimization tool, which can analyze operation data more easily and improve efficiency and productivity

ALF Gunnar Karlgren, director of sales and marketing, said: "The new empty container stacker can provide more help for customers, and the location of the scribed line on the support as the center line of the idler can also help customers save more. They are the most reliable and robust equipment in the market at present, and compared with competitors, they can provide longer operation time and lower operation cost. These advantages, coupled with the higher second-hand price of Kalmar empty container stacker in the market, mean that DCG empty container stacker is currently on the market The most value preserving equipment. "

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