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Keyvia Technology participated in the strategic restructuring of Yaohua Group

on July 3, in the activity of "promoting the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei? Central enterprises entering Hebei" organized by the Hebei provincial Party committee and provincial government, Zhang ruishu, mayor of Qinhuangdao City, signed the framework agreement on the implementation of strategic restructuring cooperation between China Yaohua Glass Group Co., Ltd. on behalf of the municipal government and Peng Shou, general manager of keyvia technology group at the event site

according to the framework agreement, Qinhuangdao Municipal government will transfer all its equity to Kaisheng technology group free of charge after obtaining the absolute control of Yaohua Group by means of "debt to equity swap". Based on the principle of "stock optimization and incremental development", Kaisheng Technology Group will fully participate in the strategic restructuring of Yaohua Group, become the largest investor of Yaohua Group, carry out environmental protection facilities and technological transformation of the existing production line of Yaohua Group, transform Yaohua Group from producing ordinary building materials glass to producing high-tech and high value-added products, and avoid vicious competition with private enterprises

at present, the environmental protection facilities transformation of Yaohua Group has been fully started, and it will take the shortest time to realize (1) now the extruder often uses electricity and heating at the same time, and now it meets the emission standard. At the same time, Capvision Technology Group will build the "new glass, new energy and new materials" Industrial Park base project in Qinhuangdao in the next 3-5 years, invest and build around electronic glass, solar energy industry, high boron glass and related fields, and build Qinhuangdao into the northern glass industry cluster base of Capvision Technology group

according to China building materials news, Qinhuangdao city is currently orderly promoting the "debt to equity swap" and the signing of the "capital increase and share expansion agreement", "free equity transfer agreement" and other follow-up work, and strive to complete the signing of various agreements and the submission of competent departments for approval by the end of September this year, Launch "new glass, new energy and new materials" by the end of December Industrial Park base project

Kaisheng technology group company is subordinate to China Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. and is established with Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute as the core enterprise. The company now has five secondary enterprises, two listed companies and one joint-stock listed company. It is a comprehensive high-tech industry group. The company officially completed the industrial and commercial registration and inauguration in Beijing in December 2014. At present, it has formed a core competitiveness based on the research and development results of the complete electronic information display industry chain such as ultra-thin glass, ITO conductive film glass, TFT substrate glass, capacitive touch screen, and the integration of silicon-based new materials, zirconium based new materials, titanium based new materials, new generation thin-film solar cells and other key technologies in emerging industries. At the end of 2014, as a new "group army" in the emerging industry of China's building materials industry, Kaisheng Technology Group set a new operational goal of flexibly changing the experimental speed and methods upon its establishment - striving to achieve an annual operating revenue of 50billion yuan and a total annual profit of 5billion yuan in three to five years, and becoming a well-known brand in China's glass business, China's new energy business and international business

in 2014, Capvision technology completed the most influential event in China's transnational new energy field: the acquisition of avancis, a company owned by Saint Gobain, France. Taking this as a guide, Capvision technology has opened the framework of Capvision photovoltaic platform. In addition to Capvision PV, Capvision technology also has four emerging industry business platforms: Capvision glass, Capvision materials, Capvision equipment, and Capvision engineering. Kaisheng glass includes Luoyang Glass, Huaguang glass, Zoomlion glass, etc

the predecessor of Yaohua Group, Qinhuangdao Yaohua Glass factory, was founded in 1922. It is the leading enterprise in Asia that uses machines to continuously produce flat glass. Its subsidiary Yaohua Glass was listed in 1996. However, in the process of development, Yaohua Group's operating performance has been unsatisfactory due to the heavy burden of personnel and the high cost of its main business. The group has been restructured since 2005 and has undergone many reorganizations

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