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Kangrun machinery: committed to the research and development of high-speed, efficient and energy-saving products

Ningbo Kangrun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Kangrun machinery) is a high-speed extrusion production line for the production of plastic pipes, all kinds of plastic profile extrusion production lines, all kinds of plastic plates, sheets, salivary film extrusion production lines, as well as all kinds of single screw and twin-screw extruders for various purposes, all kinds of packaging machinery; Enterprises of all kinds of beverage machinery and logistics transportation equipment. On September, 2013, the 13th Asia Pacific International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, China. Ningbo Kangrun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition with its latest R & D equipment (Booth No. W5 106)

in an interview with HC plastics, Mr. Xu Xin, general manager of Kangrun machinery, introduced the latest products developed by the company participating in this exhibition to the editor in detail

the latest R & D products appeared in APPLAS 2013

in this Asia Pacific Exhibition, our company brought two newly developed products, focusing on the development of special fibers, filter materials, high-temperature functional membranes, high-performance resin based composites, high-temperature insulation materials, high-temperature functional coatings, high-temperature functional coatings based on thermoplastic polyimide (PI) engineering plastic resin, heteronaphthalene biphenyl polyethersulfone ketone copolymer resin (PPESK), high-end fluoroplastics High temperature resistant special adhesive co extrusion silent pipe production line and PE super refrigeration system. President Xu introduced to the editor. The three storey total pipe production line is mainly used to produce high-grade building materials. Now the mechanical noise used to produce PVC pipe building materials is relatively large. The products displayed by Kangrun machinery this time use mute materials to absorb sound, and the mute effect can reach 25 dB. Among them, we also use a PPD material, which can withstand high temperature up to 90 degrees. With the increase of labor costs and in response to the call of the state for energy conservation and emission reduction, Kangrun machinery also launched a super cooling system, which uses three-layer coextrusion technology and a hollow mold, which can extract the internal air for cooling, and cool the interior and exterior at the same time, doubling the cooling effect, doubling the production capacity, and saving 50% of the power at the same time

it is understood that once the two products were launched, they received extensive attention from the market, and the sales situation is very optimistic. The product has been ordered to leave the factory in 2014

adhere to the route of energy conservation and emission reduction at the cost of R & D that can effectively repair harmful heavy metal ions in the soil

nowadays, the state pays more and more attention to the sustainable development of energy conservation and emission reduction, and domestic enterprises also follow the call of the state to optimize products and take the route of sustainable development. President Xu said: the company has formulated the development route of energy conservation and emission reduction since three years ago, and has made great efforts in this regard. The annual R & D funds for cutting off the power supply and energy-saving equipment account for about 15% of the sales. It is understood that the sales volume of Kangrun machinery in the first half of the year has exceeded 100 million

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