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On November 27, SIG Combibloc (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., the second largest aseptic paper packaging manufacturer in the world, announced that the company's carton packaging material manufacturing plant in Suzhou Industrial Park had started construction. It is reported that the factory has a total investment of US $90million, with an initial investment of US $36million, and will be put into operation in the first quarter of 2004

at present, in the Chinese market, kangmeibao is far behind its old rival tetra Pax in Sweden. At present, Tetra Pax has opened four factories in China, with a market share of 95%. The products of kangmeibao in the Chinese market are imported from its Asian headquarters in Thailand. It is reported that the products of kangmeibao Suzhou factory will not only be supplied to the Chinese market, but also be exported to other countries in Asia

Edwinsom, chairman of the board of directors of SIG industrial group, may be trying to catch up with m Xiang. He said that although comepack entered the Chinese market later than its rivals, "it is never too late to make such a decision to enter the Chinese market"

in the territory of kangmeibao, Germany is the largest market at present, while China is regarded as its largest market in the future and the fastest-growing market. The senior management of the company told that it had a great impact on all hydraulic systems and instruments and equipment. In 2001, the assembly line of kangmeibao in the Chinese market had developed from the first in 1981 to 50. Especially in the past three years, the sales volume of kangmeibao in the Chinese market has doubled. With the increasing demand and quality requirements of domestic consumers for milk, fruit juice and other beverages, the demand of China's beverage aseptic packaging market is growing at a rate of 20% to 30% per year

Rademacher, CEO of comepack, told that the customer distribution and other factors were mainly considered in choosing Suzhou. It is understood that Tetra Pak has a factory in Kunshan, not far from here. Rademacher also said that at present, China's beverage packaging market is monopolized by Tetra Pak oligopoly. The entry of kangmeibao will break this situation, and the market is bound to change, but kangmeibao will not fight a price war

however, insiders said that the monopoly of China's beverage packaging market has not been broken because of this. The entry of kangmeibao just turned Tetra Pak's oligopoly into a two giant monopoly. Kangmeibao will not and cannot change by price, and generally achieve a relatively perfect test effect Select excellent alloy structural steel market share. The market price will not change in the short term, which also means that whether the price is reasonable or not, beverage manufacturers must accept it

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