Plastic food bags will be banned in the hottest in

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Plastic food bags will be banned in the international market

plastic food bags will be banned in the international market, and it is stipulated that they must be packed in paper bags compared with foreign products

plastic food bags are criticized in two aspects: one is the impact on human health that the hammer seat moves naturally in the guide rod; The second is the pollution of the ecological environment. The medical community found that the plastic itself will release harmful gases and accumulate in the sealed bag for a long time, and the concentration will also increase with the increase of the sealing time, causing the food in the bag to be polluted to varying degrees, which has a particularly prominent impact on the health and development of children. Paper bags made of natural materials can be exempted from this disadvantage

in addition, plastic itself cannot be gradually and completely absorbed in the recycling of the environment. The chemical composition of discarded plastic bags will lead to ecological deterioration. (medium package)

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