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Cosmetics packaging market: plastic has occupied 80% of the market share

in recent years, China's cosmetics market has grown at an average annual rate of 15%, with annual sales reaching nearly 50billion yuan. It is predicted that the total sales volume will reach 80billion yuan by 2010. As the main packaging materials of cosmetics, plastic and glass will also have a greater place to play. However, relevant data show that plastic packaging has occupied more than 80% of the packaging market share of cosmetics in recent years, becoming the main packaging of cosmetics. 30billion pieces of express delivery will generate 30billion shipping orders, 4.3 billion textile bags, 12billion plastic bags, 4.5 billion paper envelopes, 14.4 billion cartons, 24.5 billion meters of tape Packaging containers with 4.3 billion internal buffer packages

test repeatability is high; The latter is cheap. Although there are many kinds of cosmetics with different functions, most of them are liquid, lotion or paste in terms of their external morphology and packaging adaptability, and do not have a distinctive appearance. Only through exquisite and unique packaging design can they show their own characteristics. Therefore, cosmetics generally rely on packaging in order to achieve good sales. In addition to metal, plastic and glass are currently the main cosmetics packaging container materials. In the past, cosmetics were generally packaged in glass bottles. However, due to the single variety of glass containers, even if there is a good design idea, due to the limitations of technology and materials, it is often impossible to achieve

in terms of the current situation of effectively regulating the degradation time and cycle of bioplastics, because the plastic is light and cheap, it is easy to form large-scale production, and can be made into bottles of various sizes, transparent, opaque and various colors, and the printing performance is very good. Instructions, logos and bar codes can be directly printed on the surface of containers by means of heat transfer, inkjet, printing, etc

plastic materials have rich sources and good molding performance. They can be made into plastic containers with various structures and shapes, such as bottles, cans, boxes, and can be used for various decoration and decoration designs. In addition, in recent years, the rapid development of PET resin used in cosmetic containers has led to a major change in the replacement of glass with plastic

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